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FOOD! Why must you taunt me?

September 20, 2009

It seems that while I am doing good on getting back to the workout groove, my eating habits are still sucking. Big time. I seem to have lost all self-control. Last week, I ate a box of Snickers ice cream bars all by myself. In two days. I should issue the disclaimer that I was pre-menstrual, but I think that’s a pretty big cop-out – especially since I didn’t stop there. I ate half a container of Bryer’s Chocolate Chip ice cream as well. Plus half a bag of chocolate chips (just plain ol’ semi-sweet chocolate chips.)

What is up with me? What’s my deal? Why can’t I enjoy the goodness of healthy food, and chill out on the forever-on-the-hips snackies? Because, trust me, I appreciate the yummies of healthy foods. The only bright spot in my diet these past few weeks has been my new-found love of the wrap. Whole wheat wraps, seasoned hummus spreads, lean deli meats, lots of veggies – like carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados – topped with sunflower seeds and/or wheat germ. Incredibly good for you and yummy. And then I stuff my face on fat and sugar.
So this is my challenge right now. All the workouts in the world can’t counter the high-calories I’ve been consuming. Will keep you all updated on this latest turn of events!
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