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Embrace Aldi already!

January 6, 2010

I have a dear friend (who won’t read this post) who always says “I tried Aldi but couldn’t find anything there!”  And that’s when I want to smack her over the head!  Some people are invested in couponing, some people just accept high supermarket prices.  And then there are those of us who have embraced Aldi.

When I decided to stay home three and a half years ago, our income went down by 40%.  That’s a pretty big jump, and it meant cutting our spending by at least that much!  Enter Aldi.  As far as I knew, only Government Cheese folk shopped Aldi.  So with much trepidation, I grabbed my quarter, paid for my cart, and went in.  I admit, I started slowly.  It’s almost all private-label food, so you have to get over your name brands pretty quickly – that would be my friend’s problem!  But within a few months of trying everything out, I realized that I had cut our food bill In Half!  Half.  By 50%.  I didn’t clip one coupon, I just switched stores.  Talk about easy!

And more and more, Aldi is embracing healthier items – they continue to grow their Fit & Active line of foods.  And starting today, they have some special buys to help you workout at home…

  • A balance ball for 5.99
  • An over-the-door workout bar for 12.99
  • Full dumbbell sets for 39.99

So go make out your grocery list.  Head over to Aldi, and give their items a try.  Everything’s guaranteed, so if you honestly don’t like it, then take it back!  And if you need any help putting a menu together, give their Meal Planner a try.  Seriously, at this point, you have nothing to lose!

One last thing – just a few Aldi tips.  You need a quarter to get a cart.  Don’t worry, you get it back.  You will experience some of the fastest checkers in town, so don’t worry if the line looks long.  You will need to bring your own bags, though, or pay a few cents to buy some from them.  So you can Go Green, Save Money and Get Healthy – all in one!

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