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FitBudget: Embrace Your Local Library!

February 11, 2010

I am hoping that this blog offers more and more ways to be fit and healthy on a budget….something that is not always easy!  So here’s an EASY way to save money.

Did you know that your local library is stocked full of fitness books and DVDs?  And you can borrow them…for FREE!  Yes, FREE.  As in Zilch, Nada, Zip. Now, I already know what you’re thinking…you don’t want some faded-page book from the early 80s with some big-haired woman in leg warmers giving you fitness tips.  Well, while you will find plenty of such offerings, you would be amazed to find out that your local library has the latest and greatest, as well!  Right now, I have some yoga DVDs and workout tapes from the actual 2000s.  And Jillian Michael’s latest book is on reserve.

“Reserve?” you say?  Yes, reserve.  I don’t actually walk into the library and search the stacks.  Com’mon, I’m a busy mom with maniac children.  No, I go online, search for the titles I want, and put them on reserve from the comfort of my jammies and dining room.  With a cup of coffee in my hand, I select all the fitness books and videos I want to try, put them on reserve, and then the library sends me an email when they are ready to come pick up.  I know!  And our library is undergoing a remodel, and when it’s done, it will have a drive-thru window!  Every mom knows that all stores and services would be that much more loved if it had a Drive-Thru!

In case you are worried about returning items before due…you can renew online, too!  I know!  And if you are late renewing, our library’s late fees are only 10 cents per day.  You still haven’t come close to the cost of buying it used, much less new.  If you happen upon a book or DVD that you really love, you can still go out and buy it – knowing that you’re going to love it.

If you live in St. Charles County, check out the St. Charles County Library Website.  Otherwise, I encourage you to find out your library’s website, and get Reserving!

P.S. I hope that it goes without saying that you do have to go into the library to get a library card!  Which is FREE.  You’re paying for all this FREENESS with your tax dollars – so go embrace your library now!

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