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The Stomach Bug Workout

February 17, 2010

She's not a real mom - her pajamas match, her hair is cute and the bathroom is clean.

Seems our house have been hit by a Stomach Bug (not a flu – there is no such thing as a Stomach Flu, but I digress…)

So, when you’re cradling the bathroom floor, praying for it all to stop, what do you constitute as a workout:

  • *Standing up right
  • *Balancing your bum on the Porcelein God while you tilt your head into the trashcan
  • *Drinking water from a cup while lying in fetal position
  • *Lifting your head to make sure your children are still alive

At this point, I’m past the yuckies and am just reacclimating my tummy to the sensation of real food.  But now Piglet is vomiting, and I fear who it may hit next.  Because, really, that’s what a stomach bug does.  Instills massive fear in the hearts of all Mommas everywhere.

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