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Celebrate local produce stands!

March 1, 2010

Ooooh, look at all the pretty colors!

Menu Mondays is a bit different today, as it’s not about a recipe to add to your menus, but about shopping for your menus!  Because…do you know what today is?  It’s a Fresh beginning, a New day!  Our local produce stand opened today!

Every Winter, most produce stands here in the Midwest shut down for at least a month.  Ours shut down December 24th – and reopened TODAY!  March 1st!  YES!  I mean, how long was I going to have to endure grocery store produce and their outrageous prices?

If you live in St. Charles County, stop by Anthony’s Produce on Jungermann, just North of Willot.  They are awesome, have everything you need, great prices, great plants and flowers, family owned, and a super-friendly staff.  Plus they have little handheld baskets for the kiddos, and Lil’ Boo really gets a kick out of filling his basket up (with food that he won’t even eat, but I digress.)

If you live elsewhere, I implore you to seek out a nearby produce stand.  The produce itself is not necessarily local, but is more likely to be.  You’re supporting a family-owned business.  When you shop local, your money stays local. The staff actually know their stuff about fruits and veggies (and plants and flowers!), rather than than the pimply teenage kid at the big store who’s just working towards his hot new car this year.  And the added bonus – you’re making a special stop for the best foods around, and your kids are paying attention!  Produce shopping is an adventure, and FUN!

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