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FitMommas Run for the Helmet

March 14, 2010

Me in the middle of some of my FitMommas! I love these women! And Brian!

This weekend, I re-entered the world of competitive racing.  I’ll stop a moment while you collect yourself.  I know, it is mighty hilarious.  Got all the laughs and chuckles out yet?

Because those of you who know me know that I’m neither competitive nor a racer.  I’m a walker by trade, and typically only run when chased.  However, there’s nothing like a formal community run for charity that gets you pumped up to put foot to pavement and endure some torture with friends!

I knew going in that I would be mostly walking – this was the 2nd Annual Cottleville 7k Run for the Helmet.  For those of you metrically-ignorant, that’s about 4.3 miles.  Since I’ve been sporadic at best with my cardio and definitely just now getting back into the regular walking mode, I had no plans on coming in first.  Or even in the first 500.

Luckily, I had my FitMomma galpal Jodi, who was in a similar boat as me, though her baby is an entire year younger than mine, so her excuse is significantly better.  But Jodi was by my side the entire time, and made every bit bearable, especially that last stretch – up hill, with wind and cold mist in our face – that came right after we hit Mile Marker 3 and both exclaimed “Ppish, we have this in the bag!”  I didn’t think I would make that trek of Hwy N (between Moe’s and Mannino’s), and very likely would have said “Screw You!” to the finish line if I didn’t have Jodi to be accountable to.

In the end, here’s how your FitMomma friend Amy fared:
I am came #882 overall (out of 895 finishers!), #288 in my age group (Women age 31-50 – or “The Veterans”).  I clocked in at 1:06:05, which translates to a 15:11 minute mile.

These are not stellar stats, my dear readers, but I hold my head up high.  This is not my milieu, I’d much rather stretch both feet behind my ear.  But I did it, I’ll do it again, and now I have a goal to finish on the front side of one hour, rather than the back!

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  1. Sommer permalink
    March 14, 2010 6:45 pm

    My fave line…. I’m a walker by trade, and typically only run when chased. LOL!!! I’m not competitive either, I’m just in it to have fun. 🙂

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