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Weekly Menu & Workout Plan

March 21, 2010

I’ve been working on my plan for the week – trying to remember that If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  And I realize that I need some help with good breakfasts.  Mine are always so carb heavy, and I’m not the biggest egg fan (plus I have a mild allergy.)  I’d love any good suggestions.  This is an area I’ve always struggled with, and where I get the most confused with diet advice – am I really eating poorly if I have Special K with Strawberries?  I dunno!

But for now, I’ve come with a meal and workout plan for the week, consulting our calendar and  Here’s this week’s menu – please realize that I’m doing healthier versions of traditional meals – lean cuts of protein, low fat dairy, whole wheat grains, etc.:

Monday – Lemon chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, salad
Tuesday – Turkey enchiladas, spanish rice, chips & homemade salsa
Wednesday – Spaghetti, salad
Thursday – Homemade pizzas, salad
Friday – Deli meat sandwiches, fresh cut veggies
Saturday – Beef Stroganoff,  salad
Sunday – Roast, potatoes, carrots, salad

As for working out, the 5am walks never did happen last week.  Instead, I typically made up for it during the day.  So either way, I worked out 6 out of the 7 days last week.  But still, I better write out my plan!  I am going to keep trying to move my wake up time to just before 5am.  I’m at 6am now.  So this plan will reflect not walking the dog at 5am, though if I can make it happen, I will!

Monday: Library workout video at nap time, piloga night
Tuesday:  Walk the park with the boys, arm workout during nap time, dog walk in the evening
Wednesday: Strobix, yoga during nap time, dog walk in the evening if weather allows
Thursday: Walk with the boys if weather allows or workout video, leg workout during nap time
Friday: Strobix, yoga during nap time
Saturday: All over strength workout, walk the dog
Sunday:  Rest

Okie dokie, it’s written in stone, now, right?  =)

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  1. Sommer permalink
    March 22, 2010 7:37 pm

    I was wondering the same thing…what is healthy for breakfast? Autumn eats pancakes everyday!..and doesn’t like yogurt!

  2. missy permalink
    March 24, 2010 12:34 pm

    Hi Amy. Your meals remind me of the healthy simple meals that I make. I make turkey spegetti once a week! Every week I use ground turkey two times, ground sirloin once or twice,chicken breast twice, Salmon or other fish at least once, and pork or steak occasionly. And I try to go meatless or use beans as protein too. Some ideas for breakfast are peanut butter on your bread or bagel. By the way, sara lee makes a good plain bagel that has only 130 calories,10 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber. It is not whole grain,(my kids love whole grain bread, but it is about texture with a bagel. Also I don’t like special k very much. I like to mix cereals to get the best nutrients. Like kashi go lean with some cheerios and a handfull of walnuts will keep you full longer (and have more flavor and not get soggy so fast). As long as you eat something before lunch besides coffee! (which I am guilty of!) Or how about a whole grain frozen waffle with peanut butter ( I like smart balance best because it has no hydrogenated oil and omega 3’s without needing to be refridgerated) and a little maple syrup. yum! I would probably give up on 5 am walks for now and sleep till at least 6 am. You need rest to have energy! That way you wont feel guilty when it dosen’t happen. I myself am hoping to make it to stroller aerobics next wednesday morning. And try that free yoga class on monday night. no leg extensions for me tho! lol

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