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Open Love Letter to my Chiropractor

March 24, 2010


Dear Dr. Quinn,

Let’s just get it out there.  I love you.  Not so much in love with you, but I would go to the mats for you, that’s for sure.  You have a way taking a painful situation, and immediately fixing it.  Tylenol doesn’t work that fast. And Tylenol is slowly killing my liver anyway.

You make me feel instantly better; you relieve my stress; you relieve my tension; you boost my energy; you boost my immune system; you help me sleep better; you improve my posture; you make my body more efficient; you’re slowing my aging process.  And you do it all quickly, without drugs, pain, and with a smile.  You are the second best thing.  To you-know-what.

You can lay me down on your table and crack my joints anytime you want, Dr. Quinn.  My body is yours for the popping.

Forever in your debt…

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  1. The Dad permalink
    March 25, 2010 10:11 am

    Try aspirin instead of Tylenol. Aspirin, the true miracle drug.

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