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WWJMD? Haunt me. In my dreams.

March 31, 2010

This chick'll get you in (mental) shape.

Jillian Michaels came to me.  Last night.  In my dreams.  Or rather, she haunted the hell out of me.  Berated me.  Pushed me.  Taunted me.  Yelled in my face and called me a Pussy.  I thought that was a little harsh.

I blame it all on the fact that I watched Biggest Loser right before I went to bed.  In hindsight, however, it was just the motivation I’ve been needing.  No doubt you have caught on that I’ve had a rough couple of weeks.  First off, my just-about 36 year old body threw me under the bus on that 7K I did a few weeks back.  I’m still seeing my chiropractor to get that hip back to normal.  And then last week, I dared to take on the parasitic plant that’s been attacking my lilac bush in the garden, only to have the parasitic plant bitch-slap me across the face.  And on the neck, hands, wrist, waist, torso, a few spots behind the ears, knees…  Apparently, I’ll be sending my husband out there to get rid of the rest of the Poison Sumac in the backyard.

These issues, combined with normal, crazy life and family drama, led to a Mental Down.  Depression Light, if you will.  Bummed, with a side of Feeling Sorry for Myself.  And I don’t think we, especially women, take into account how much mental goes into our physical well-being.  I could still workout, I could still eat healthy, I could still stretch and do yoga.  But my head wasn’t in the game. I didn’t even care about the game anymore.

We gotta give ourselves a break and acknowledge the Mental Downs we are bound to encounter.  Acknowledge them, and then push through them.  Feel the emotion, and turn it into physical energy.  Because that’s What Jillian Michaels Would Do. You see her week after week take her contestants to the emotional breaking point and push them through it.  Your Mental Downs will hold you back if you let them.  So let them out and then use them to your advantage.  And if it just ain’t working, watch an episode of Biggest Loser right before bed and let Jillian haunt you.  I woke up this morning, put on the workout clothes and pushed through the itch this morning at Stroller Aerobics this morning.  All it took was a good haunting.

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