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P90X Day 2 – Cardio X

April 13, 2010

Were you thinking I wasn’t going to make it!?  I knew I was going to make it, I just didn’t think it’d be this late at night!  Alas, today’s workout ended up coming in at just past 9:30 tonight.  Today was Cardio X – which is only a secondary workout for those who do the Classic program.  But I ain’t doing the classic, I have more fat to lose than the average P90Xer, so I’m doing the Lean program.  And the lean means more cardio!

So, I gotta say, first off, that this is my first night-time workout in…ever.  Never been a night time workout kinda gal.  But this was the best workout I’ve had in ages!  I was shocked!  I mean, I was In It.  Or, using P90X, I was totally Bringing It! I was able to do every exercise.  Ok, fine, that’s a bit of lie.  Stupid Superman-Banana.  Some day, I’ll get you!  (Pumps fists into air.)  Now, I wasn’t able to do full reps or the full speed that they did.  But I was in it, and it was awesome. (She says in her high-pitched, sing-songy way.)

Anyway, as far as the workout was, it started out with Yoga, so how could I not love it?  If you’ve never done Yoga, you’re probably thinking you can’t achieve a Cardiovascular workout by doing Yoga.  Bwahahaha!  You just haven’t been doing it right.  Then he does some Kenpo, which is Tony Horton’s version of TaeBo.  Then some Plyometrics, which I have to admit, scared the crap out of me, but I really loved it.  I totally rock the Heisman!  I did good on the Tires, too, but while he was chanting about gargantuan snow tires, I was definitely doing small tires.  Like Ford Fiesta tires.

There was some core stuff, and then it was over.  My only complaint is that it seemed a bit short.  But I’m trying to remember that this was developed as a 2nd workout to those freaks who are doing the P90X Double program.  That means working out twice per day. I can’t imagine doing two of his workouts in a day, but I could see doing one P90X and still getting in a good walk/jog.  Which, I’d like to note, I’ll be purchasing a new double jogger soon, as we’ve been Craigslisting like the dickens around here and have almost paid for the new one I have my eye one!  Woot!

Oh, and the Fit Tip of the Day – make sure you Eat Enough!  Which was totally my problem last week, not getting in enough calories to handle these crazy-ass workouts.  I’m doing much better this week, already, and can feel it.

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  1. missy permalink
    April 14, 2010 4:31 pm

    you go girl!!!!

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