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What’s For Lunch? Pear & Walnut Salad!

April 14, 2010

Can happiness come in a bowl? I think so.

I seem to have a better grasp on breakfast, and am now working on better lunches.  One good thing is that I’ve steered clear of the drive-thrus.  Nothing but bad in the drive-thrus!  Yesterday, I was literally at a complete loss as to what to eat (more like a brain fart than anything) and pulled together a salad.

That’s the beauty of salads.  You really can’t go wrong.  What foods do you like and will they work over a bed of lettuce?  It’s not rocket science!  Take a day like yesterday.  We’d been running around all morning, and didn’t have much time for lunch before getting the little ones down for nap and rest time.  So I pulled together a pear and walnut salad.  Spinach salad.

Pear and walnut are a great combination.  There’s so much freakin’ fiber in a pear, it’s crisp and crunchy, with a touch of sweetness.  Now, I don’t like eating a plain pear.  They’ve never been my favorite, but throw them in a salad and their flavor mixes in to create something just short of divine.  And walnuts may just be the best nut in town.  They’re chock full of Omega-3s, the best fat source in the world.  Our brains thrive on Omega-3s, in fact, a little side story for you.  I still remember watching Dr. Oz on Oprah affirming what I always knew – that babies literally suck our brains out, pulling out good fats from our brain while we’re pregnant.  Parasites.  Silly little buggers. The best way to restore your brain’s function?  Eating Omega-3s.  Plus, walnuts are outstanding for your heart. I can’t say enough of about them, and to learn more about why they’re so awesome, check out my new-favorite website, The World’s Healthiest Foods.

So anyway, I pulled out my bag o’ spinach, chopped up some pear, and threw on some walnut.  I had planned on topping it off with some chopped chicken, but found that someone (read: Hubby) had taken it to work for his lunch.  So instead I chopped up some deli turkey.  A little homemade poppy seed dressing, and it was just a little happiness in a bowl.  Yummo!

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