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Lessons of the Week

April 16, 2010

I am so behind on blogging about P90X.  One inherent problem I have encountered is that these workouts are freakin’ long.  The Yoga X (or Yoga from Hell) is over 90 minutes long.  One workout.  Anyone around here remember that I’m a stay home mom to three kiddos, plus a furry four-legger that thinks she’s human?  OK?  Okay!  Plus the house, dr. appointments, laundry, not to mention that pesky eating thing we humans require.

But I digress, because this wasn’t supposed to be a bitch session.  It’s just a tough-but-making it session!  But my lessons are your lessons, so let’s pass on some wisdom…

1.  When taking allergy meds, such a Zyrtec D, drink about double your required water intake.  I’m constantly thirsty.  Cotton mouth all day long, and apparently it’s affecting my breath.  More than one comment from hubby this week on that.  But more than that, the already tough workouts are that much tougher when dehydrated.

2.  It’s better to accept now that unless you rise earlier than the rooster, these power-workouts may overlap with the waking of children.  Or if you wait until naptime, you’ll still have children to deal with.  Either way, I have yet to complete a workout without having to press pause to tend to some small being needing my help.  Except for one.  The Nighttime workout.

3.  When working out at night, after everyone’s in bed, be prepared to be awake for two solid hours after that!  I now know why I never did night workouts.  I was so pumped and energized, I was incapable of sleep after that.  Not good!

4.  Nothing sucks more than buying a bunch of healthy eats from Costco, only to open up your strawberry container to find they’re half moldy.  Yuck.  Now I have to go back to the big-box to return and rebuy.  Do they know how much of my time is being eaten up by workouts?  I don’t have time for this crap!

5.  When you have removed pretty much all bad stuff from the house, and stocked it full of healthy eats, you will crave a burger and fries with a chocolate milkshake.

6.  Protein powder makes your smoothie extremely thick.  Like grout your tile thick.

7.  Nothing feels better than a body that’s been working out.  No matter what this week has thrown at me – and it has thrown some doozies – working out provides a level of stress relief that’s hard to get elsewhere.

So it’s all good, people.  It’s all good. =)

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