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P90X Day 8 – Core Synergistics

April 19, 2010

I have not been slacking in the workouts…just slacking in the posting!  But today was the beginning of my 2nd week, and my 2nd (well, 3rd, but who’s counting) time doing Core Synergistics.  I really like this workout, it’s got a little of everything, and I feel so good when I’m done.  Of course, since I did this workout at night, we’ll see if I can fall asleep anytime soon.

One important note, though, is that I’m doing a very modified version of it.  Turns out my core is for shit, the Chiropractor said so!  After doing x-rays of my hip last week, he told me today that my joints are fine; the prolonged pain in my hip is due to crappy muscle strength in my core.  I went over the exercises with him in this workout, and he didn’t like it all.  Especially those Superman-Bananas.  I can’t say I was heart broken about that!

He said the best way to fix these issues is Core, Core and more Core.  Crunches, Table, Plank, Side Plank. He did give me a Superman, but it’s using an exercise ball so that my back doesn’t hyperextend. So during Banana Rolls, Superman-Banana, Bow-to-Boat, I do one of these alternates.  So I’m still working the core, but with Dr. approved moves.  Me likely!

So feeling good, trying to get some writing in before bedtime, and ready for tomorrow!

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  1. Stephanie Polster permalink
    April 20, 2010 7:32 am

    It’s really awesome you are doing these core exercises. I only do five of them three times a week, and I probably should also go to my doctor to have them approved. Looking forward to hearing about them.

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