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P90X Cautionary Tale, Take II

April 27, 2010

Yeah, pretty much hurting from top to bottom

In all fairness, P90X is not what did me in.  Though I don’t think my chiropractor agrees.  He was clear when I started that he would not do the workout at his level of fitness (and he just ran that 7K I walked).  But I’m meticulous about form, and am no hero when there’s a possibility of killing myself while working out.

I’m pretty sure prepping for a garage sale, picking up and holding a 22 lb bundle of teething joy, too much stress, not enough sleep, mediocre eating – combined with ass-kicking workouts – did this.  What is this “this” that I speak of?

I can count on one hand how many times I’ve thrown my back out in my life.  That includes the fact that in the past FIVE days, it has happened TWICE.  Yes, twice.  2x.  Dos.

When it happened on Thursday, I thought “Ok, I can’t stand up straight and I can’t twist.  Guess I should take a few days off.”  I woke up yesterday (Monday) still not able to twist, but able to stand up straight, so I was set to do the Shoulder & Arms workout, as it allows for awesome form and no twisting.  But right before 9am, I bent over to put Piglet down on the floor and couldn’t make it back up.  While Thursday may have told me I need to slow down, yesterday shouted quite loudly….”Stop!”

I’m seriously bummed, and allowed myself to wallow in it a bit yesterday.  I started something new, and failed.  Ouch, that hurts.  When did I get this old? Aren’t I a so-called FitMomma?  Don’t I try to share my lessons and love of health and fitness with friends and family?  And who the hell decided to blog about my P90X journey for all to read?  And when, on God’s Green Earth, is it going to stop raining!  I will confess that, while I resisted to urge to drink a bottle of wine by myself (for medicinal reasons, of course), I did…eat…chocolate.  And possibly more than one piece.

I was reminded last night of the movie Beaches, and the part where Hilary comes to visit CC in New York, and CC asks her boss to help with the bags and he whines “I’ve got a bad back.” And CC retorts, “Ah, you’ve got a bad attitude!”

Okay, so now it’s Tuesday morning.  It is still raining, but somehow the cloud has lifted over me.  First off, it helps that I can stand upright.  I’m still pretty sore, but my mobility has greatly improved since yesterday.  And the fact is just last week, I was complaining about burning the candle at both ends and didn’t stop myself.  So the universe did it for me.

So P90X is shelved for the time being.  I’ve got a doctor-sanctioned workout to follow for the next few weeks.  Core, core and more core, with a bit of upper back and cardio thrown in.  My core workout will be pretty simple: basic crunches, plank, side plank, back extentions and bridge using the exercise ball.  Add back work in the form of: shoulder press, rows, and pulls. And my chiro was clear on the cardio – walking.  Walking only.  Because it’s all about strengthening my core, not doing things to compromise it.

And I’m OK with it.  Today.  I wasn’t yesterday.  But today is good.

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