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FitMommas is on Facebook!

May 10, 2010

Look for this logo on Facebook!

Howdy busy Moms & Dads!  I’m happy to announce that last week, I finally got around to setting up a Facebook page for FitMommas!  So if you are a Facebook member, you can receive the latest blog posts and Reasons to Workout through your Facebook page.

Simply do a Facebook Search for “FitMommas,” or click through on this link to the FitMommas page, and hit the “Like” button!  (Facebook no longer has you “Become a Fan,” now you have to “Like” something.  I wonder what it will be next month…)

That also means….if you are a personal Facebook friend of mine, as of today, you will no longer get FitMommas updates through my personal page, as I’m going to unlink those accounts.  I will finally have my personal account back!  So if you want to stay updated on all the FitMommas happenings, you will need to click the “Like” button on the FitMommas page.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Here’s to Your Health!

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