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WiiFit: Only Works If Used

July 26, 2010

Remember the excitedment when you opened this on Christmas morning? Well, it's almost August, so start using it!

Guess what I did today?  I remembered that I own a WiiFit!  You know, that thing that I just had to have or I was never going to be healthy; that item that was going to be the difference between pudgy-wudgy Amy and skinny-minny Amy?  Yeah.  That one.

If I remember correctly, I asked at the beginning of the year if I could get real, beneficial workouts from a WiiFit.  And my good friend, Gary, said that getting fit on a WiiFit probably had more to do with its regular use than the video game itself.   Oh, my prophetic friend, Gary.

I’d say we used the WiiFit for about, oh, a week or two, and then the little balance board started gathering dust next to the Guitar Hero guitar.  (See, it’s not just workout games that get the shaft in this house.  Lego Batman, however, is a completely different story.)

However, in the past few weeks, as the mercury has risen and my outdoor- workout motivation has plummeted, I’ve been searching for decent, indoor cardio workouts.  This morning I actually remembered that dust-covered Christmas present wedged in the space by the TV.  Freakin’ genius.  It was so simple, and yet actually…effective.  I broke a sweat.  I felt my heart pound.  I felt genuinely worked-out at the end.  All I did was a 10 minute free jog, 10 minutes of free step, about 6 minutes of hula hoop, topped off with the Basic Run.  30 minutes of cardio, indoors, easy-peasy.  Well, I’m not factoring in the screaming 20 month old who didn’t want to share the balance board, but that’s beside the point.  Eventually, he lost interest in the Wii and started ransacking the house.  All in a morning’s workout, right?

I have a few workouts in mind for indoor cardio that require not one piece of equipment, and will post accordingly.  Hopefully this week.  But if you have something in your house….right now….maybe even the world’s most expensive clothes hanger that the salesman said was actually a treadmill….use it.  You just may like it.

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  1. rinny0525 permalink
    July 27, 2010 8:08 pm

    I have been using the Wii a lot more lately too. I have Gold’s Gym boxing if you ever want to give it a whirl. Man, do I stink after I do some boxing.

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