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If You Don’t Love It…

August 9, 2010

Yes, I do love you.

Have you ever noticed that you will gorge on something, and then say “Wow, I’m stuffed!  And I don’t even like Doritos/HoHos/Red Hots/Ice Cream (sick person)!”  What part of our human nature allows us to overindulge in foods and activities that we don’t even necessarily enjoy?  Something about “if it’s there, I must have it.”

One of the key aspects of my new approach to food and eating is…If I don’t love it, I don’t eat it!  It almost sounds absurd to say, but I can think of no-less-than five times this past summer I’ve eaten food that I didn’t particularly like just because it was there or it was being served to me.  How many times have I gorged on mediocre ice cream only to say “That so was not worth it!”

So, you, reading this…make it worth it!  Surround yourself with things you Love.  Eat only things you love.  (I hope it goes without saying that, if you find yourself trapped at a function serving only lukewarm hotdogs, please don’t starve yourself in the name Food Love!)  Buy only things you love.  Can you do it?  Well, if I can, of course you can!

A few weekends ago, we celebrated my Dad’s birthday.  A few days later, my dad and stepmom brought over leftover cake.  I don’t love cake.  I mean, during a function, I’ll enjoy a piece, but when it comes to everyday dessert, I’m going to eat Ice Cream.  9.9 times out of 10.  Because I Love It.

Last weekend, we were in Chicago, and everyone decided to indulge in a little Chocolate Cream Pie for a Saturday afternoon snack.  I received more than one surprised look when I said “No Thanks!”  I adore chocolate.  It’s the bees knees, people, but I just wasn’t feeling the pie.  I wasn’t lovin’ it, so I didn’t eat it.  Crazy, I know.

The rewards of this Food Love plan is the five pounds I’ve lost this month.  Yes, there’s a bit more to it than just don’t eat it if you don’t love it, but it is important.  And last night, I found myself shopping Tax Free at Kohl’s.  (Other stores seriously need to learn the Art of the Sale like Kohl’s.  Clearance rack that’s only 30%?  I don’t think so, Target.)  And as I was sorting through racks and racks of 60/70/80% off, the “If You Don’t Love it” rule easily applied.  Just because it’s three dollars doesn’t mean I need to buy it. Especially if it’s heinous. And in the dressing room, I had on a pair of crop jeans that totally fit!  And totally made me look horrible, because big-butt women should not wear crop jeans.  So I listened to my inner-Stacy&Clinton, and put them down.  Because I didn’t love them.

I did, however, find a bit of Fitting Room serendipity when I just happened to be in a stall where a woman left a very cute little sundress.  A sundress that fit.  A sundress that I love, and am currently wearing!

Love.  It’s so simple, and doesn’t have to be complicated.  Because if you don’t Love it….Leave it.

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