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And the numbers just keep dropping…

September 9, 2010

OK, so I got a bit more baby-bulge than that, but this is how I "feel!"

Sorry for my mini-hiatus…you know, that thing called life.  I may have my first FitMommas contributor, though, so hopefully you won’t just have to rely on lil’ ol’ me to keep things going on this silly little blog.  (More info to come on my awesome new writer!).

Anyway, I wanted to just stop in for a minute.  You remember that post I did a couple of weeks back?  The one about Never Dieting Again?  Well, this week, the offer to start another Biggest Loser-Style weight loss competition was offered and I declined.  The last two weeks of the previous weight loss competition, I didn’t lose a damn thing.  I hadn’t stepped on a scale in three weeks, and while I’ve still been eating only when hungry and only till full (for the most part…certainly not perfect!), I was starting to feel that long-embedded thought “I’m going to have to drop this no-diet thing and get serious!” creeping back in.  I’ve been stressed and unable to release it via good, hard exercise!

But this week, I’ve received many comments and compliments on my size.  I guess I’m looking skinnier.  I was pretty sure that it had everything to do with a particular pair of jeans, but this morning, my stepmom asked specifically how much weight I’d lost.  Having expected a few pound weight gain, I was pleasantly surprised…no, wait, I was freakin’ ecstatic.…to see that I’ve lost a total of 8 pounds.  Eight pounds in what is now Nine weeks.  Really?  Holy Crap!  139 pounds!

Now, I just spent the weekend in Hannibal with extended family – chugging back Root Beers like they were the Sweet Nectar of Life; eating burgers and fries and homemade macaroni and cheese (mmmmm, Aunt Jan’s homemade mac and cheese gives me chills).  And I’m not a cake eater, at all, but holy schmoly, my step-mother-in-law made the most scrumdillyicious cake, and I ate it!  And for our Labor Day dinner, we had strip steaks, baked potatoes (with lots of butter) and sauteed (read: butter) asparagus for dinner.

But I’m down two more pounds!  How is this possible? I am not depriving myself.  Clearly, I’m not depriving myself.  Due to trying to heal my hip bursitis, my cardio workouts are practically non-existent.  I’m not taking pills or expensive weight loss supplements.  (I do take a daily vitamin.) I’m not starving myself.  But I am paying attention to my hunger and saying “No thanks” when it’s not there.

I don’t know, folks, I know it’s hard to swallow when 95% of the experts tell you to limit calories and foods to get skinny.  But this is just further proof for me that Diets Don’t Work, and I cannot recommend enough the two books I talk about in my previous post.  “Women Food and God” by Geneen Roth and “Diets Don’t Work” by Bob Schwartz.  Because this is the first time in my life that I have lost weight while not on a diet.  So that means there’s no “regular food” to go back to.  There’s no “old-way” to go back to.  The only thing that would cause me to regain the weight would be to go back to emotional eating.  Again, I just can’t say enough!

Now, let’s get this friggin’ hip healed up so I can get back to regular exercise, and I’ll really feel on top of the world!

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