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Exhibit #1: Mechanically Separated Meat

October 7, 2010

Do you find these appetizing?

I know, I know, I’ve been MIA.  My brain has been devoid of any and all meaningful, helpful or even sickly humorous fitness information.  Sad, really.  But a little yoga and some core strengthening here and there, and I am still plugging along, even if it’s not very exciting or educational.

But this week, I’ve seen a few things that I just gotta post.  And this one has the most relevance to me right now, as it’s about the ingredients that we put in our body.

Over and over again, I’ve been asked/chastized/made-fun-of my new way of eating, where I’m no longer counting calories, I’m eating what my body wants, and stopping when full.  9.9 times out of ten, what I’m hearing from others is “So you’re just eating whatever ya want, huh?”  Well, yes and no. I’m eating as close to Real Food as possible, even if it isn’t on the traditional list of “Healthy Foods.”  But I’m not eating pounds and pounds of it, it actually takes very little to be satisfied if you’re truly paying attention to your hunger.  And my meals are very complete, with proteins, carbs, fats and tons and tons of veggies and/or fruits.  But more than anything, I’m doing what I can to steer clear of the over-processed, chemically treated products that are passing themselves off as food.  And there’s some sick shit out there passing as food.

Exhibit #1: Mechanically Separated Meat.

Have you seen this yet?  It’s making the rounds on Facebook – it’s a super-short write up, but so important and eye-opening!  This is what we are eating and feeding our children.  Food that was bathed in Ammonia before we eat it!  AMMONIA-WASHED-MEAT.

What’s worse?  After knowing this, and admitting that it’s gross, your kids will still eat it!  And you probably will, too. This is outstanding video from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

My kids love chicken nuggets.  I just showed this video to my 4 year old, he was totally grossed out, and when I asked him if he still wanted to eat chicken nuggets, he said “Yes! They’re made with yucky stuff, but they taste good!”

So a little Food for Thought, FitMommas. Think “Mechanically Separated Meat” may be something you watch for on that ingredients list, no matter how “tasty” it may be?

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