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The Morning After

November 1, 2010

Just how big is your pile?

I know what you did last night.  We all know what we all did last night!  Now, it’s the morning after – a Monday morning at that – and you find yourself face to face with a bowl (or two?) of candy.  Maybe it’s leftovers from your stock, maybe it’s your kiddos haul from their tricks and treats; either way, you’ve got an insane amount of candy in your house.  What do you do?  What Do You Do!

1.  Face your demon, folks.  Sort through that candy right now, and make some decisions.  What’s everyone’s favorites?  Pull those out.  Give everyone in the house a small stash that they can dip into throughout the week.  A piece or two a day.

2. Get rid of the rest.  Now, you may have already thrown it away by the time you’ve gotten to my #2, but if not, there are options other than just pure waste.

2a. Send it with your spouse.  That’s right, send him or her with a cheapo bowl or bag and set it up at work.  Their work, not yours!  Make it someone else’s problem.  I love this option, because my husband is a construction worker, and those boys LOVE them some candy.

2b. Donate it.  Women’s shelters, nursing homes, even doctor’s offices would be happy to take some candy off your hands.

2c. Sell it! Wouldn’t you know that a group of dentists would come up with this ingenious idea of ridding your house of too-much-candy!  Dentists buy your candy at $1 or $2 a pound, and then ship it to our troops overseas!  It’s a total Win-Win!  Check out this website, Halloween Candy Buy Back, and search for a participating dentist in your area.  (If you want to do this, check it out now….many dentists have one-day-only events, and that day may be today!)

2d. Send it to the troops yourself!  If you’re feeling really ambitious, check out this link to Operation Gratitude to organize your own Candy for Troops drive!

So grab a few of your favorites, and let’s move on.  We’ve got Thanksgiving to think about.

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