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Charity Runs with the Family

March 15, 2011

The hubby, the boys and I got out on Saturday morning for a little fun family fitness time! It was a local neighborhood’s charity run through their fire department. I did the 7k last year with some of my FitMommas, which was stupid, as I did no training for it, and developed bursitis in my left hip (yeah, old woman hips). This year, hubby and I had designs on doing the 7k, but with no way to train during the uber-cold weather we’ve had the past two months, we opted instead for the 2 mile walk.

The weather was so awesome (unlike the Midwest right now – cold and snowy! Go figure!) We strapped the boys into the double jogger, met up with the usual FitMomma suspects and had a lovely walk around the area park system. I was afraid we’d be walking with a bunch of blue hairs, but instead there were people and families of all shapes and sizes and ages. The boys thought it was tons of fun, too, though they didn’t quite understand why we weren’t able to stop at the playground. Apparently they didn’t appreciate the free green beer waiting for us at the finish line, which was way past the playground! We managed to meet back up with just about everyone at the end, and hubby even ran into an old friend (of course!). (BTW, beer is totally good for you. Right?) 🙂

We’re already looking for more fun family runs we can do. It’s a great way to fit fitness into your family life, plus it teaches charity to the kids. My 4yo kept asking why we were walking with all these people, and we simply answered that we were raising money for the community. And now my Lil’ Man keeps asking when our next one is, because he wants to run this time! I love it. And I love him. So excited to share this with my kiddos!

Love my FitMommas! And the porta pots in the background. And my BFF sticking her tatas out.
Me and My Boys! Turns out we didn’t need all the winter gear, the weather was great!
All the racers ahead of us. It was a beautiful day in The Lou!
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