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Mommy N Me Gymnastics

March 23, 2011

If you’re looking for a fun workout with your kids, a Mommy N Me Gymnastics class will not disappoint! Last week, our playgroup took our kiddos out to a local gymnastics place, and I was acting a fool running, jumping, bouncing and hopping with my boys! One mom set up the whole thing in advance – we had 16 kids, plus their moms, at $7 per kid and the gym provided two teenage instructors for an hour of gymnastics-related activities. It was a blast!

My four year old has started soccer and will follow that up with t-ball, but I’ll have to consider getting my two year old, aka The Beast, into gymnastics, or as he says, “nyn-natkiss.” He loved it, and I loved playing with both my boys for the hour. We were all worn out – though, apparently, not worn out enough to take a nap. I mean, I was, but not The Beast.

Good thing we started with a stretch, I worked my tookus off!
Lil’ Man and his shadow
What a monkey!
The group listens to the rules about the trampoline runs and foam pits.
How I love my boys.
Lil’ Man makes a running leap, or rather step, into the foam pits!
The Beast in the mosh pit.
Such a big little guy!
Takin’ a break. Love them.
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