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Tunes for Tuesday: Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”

March 29, 2011

I’ve been wanting to do a regular post to generate ideas for workout music. If you’re like me, you loaded up your mp3 player one time and have been listening to the same old stuff for forever. OR, maybe you’re not like me, and you’re adding new ear candy all the time! If so, you may be my new best friend.

So here’s a new FitMommas feature – Tunes for Tuesday – where I’ll offer up a song suggestions for your iPod. Maybe it’s one you already have; maybe it’s something you’ve never heard; or maybe it’s an old favorite you hadn’t thought about in a long time (aren’t those the best!?) Some will speak to you, some will make your ears scream, some will be pure guilty pleasure, but hopefully over the course of a few weeks, you’ll find some gems that will satisfy a movin’ groovin’ need.

Add a little soul to your workout with Adele.

Up this week is a fun little ditty by the awesome Adele, suggested by my awesomely fun friend Cyndi. I read somehwere that Adele gives people hope in this time of craptastic music, and I have to agree – she’s got an amazing voice, and this song, Rolling in the Deep, has a great background beat that will set a great pace out on the pavement or the treadmill.

Let me know what you think – rate this post to let me know if you’re diggin’ Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep!”

And let me know what’s playing on your iPod this week!

Notes: I’m looking at different ways of posting previews of each song on the blog. Clearly, I have copyright issues to make sure I’m not violating every which way ’til Tuesday. (Ha! Tuesday!)

If you are tech savvy and know of a way I can put a song sample into the blog post, please let me know. As of right now, the link will take you to the online iTunes store. iTunes gives you a longer sample than – not necessarily showing any bias!

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  1. Jessica permalink
    March 29, 2011 5:23 pm

    Love Adele and that song. Definitely a motivator on mile 2 of my runs!

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