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Tunes for Tuesday: Cee Lo Green’s “F*** You”

April 5, 2011

Have you ever noticed that pure anger can be great motivational fuel for your workout? Work, spouse, kids, dogs, life just send you over the edge and you wanna hurt someone, so you go take a walk or a run and it’s the best dang walk or run you’ve ever had?


Image from iTunes

This week’s new workout song was written for just those times when you’d rather kill someone than take a walk. Now, knowing that not everyone likes profanity in their workouts, Mr. Cee Lo Green has graciously offered up two versions of his wildly popular song. There’s “Forget You,” a fun little ditty that’s been covered by the Glee cast and Gywnth Paltrow. And then there’s “F**k You,” a fun little ditty that pulls no punches. Pick your poison, but either way, Cee Lo will get your butt movin’!

(No, you’re not crazy, those links are exactly the same! Make sure you buy the version you want!)

On another funny side note, this is my and my BFF’s new favorite song. And we coined a new term yesterday based on this song: You know when you tell your kids something they don’t want to hear, and you get that look? Yeah, they just gave you a Cee Lo Green.

“So I told Johnny to pick up his toys and he totally slipped me a Cee Lo Green!”


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