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Get Yourself a Workout Group

April 7, 2011

Everyone in this photo hates me for taking this picture. Except my cute freakin' kid on the purple mat.

Getting up day in and day out to workout can be trying at times. As in, you’re laying there, trying, trying to lift your arms and legs, but everything just feels so cozy under the covers. And while we ideally want to be accountable to ourselves, let’s face it, sometimes we need someone else to hang guilt over our heads.

One of the best things I ever did was get a group of fellow moms together a few years ago to start a workout group. It’s beginnings were humble enough. In January of 2007, we began meeting at the local mall an hour before it opened, and walked (with the blue hairs). We did this every single week, and in time, my FitMommas of St. Peters became some of my best friends, my motivation and my accountability.

Our group has evolved, many times over. We’ve had moms come and go from the group, learned Stroller Aerobics moves and techniques, added yoga and ran in races as teams. We swap recipes, share our struggles and cheer each other’s successes. We have drinks on Mom’s Night Out and even swap gifts at Christmas.

If any of that sounds remotely appealing to you, why not give it a try? Maybe it starts with a group of like-minded moms in the neighborhood, your kid’s school or preschool, church. How about posting an inquiry on a bulletin board at the library or grocery store? Our group was an extension of an existing playgroup, formed on, so other moms who were also members could find us. Now I recruit in the neighborhood, at school and in our MOPS group.

The best part about it is that it’s free. We workout with our kids, every week, with friends, at no cost. With the exception of a decent stroller, of course. We pack light weights and a yoga mat in the back of the stroller so we can stop to do arms, legs and abs along the way. We switch off who leads, and yes, we’ve been known to have NO ONE show up when we’re all having those kinds of mornings. But it diminishes the need to join a real gym – why when you can work out with your friends, not have to worry about a sitter for your kid and there’s no money out of pocket?

So a huge, big thanks to my fellow FitMommas of St. Peters. You’re there for me when I need you, and you all mean the world to me. Even though you all hate me for taking a picture of you on the floor of the mall last week. It’s all in love, Mommas, it’s all in love.

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