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Tunes for Tuesday: Stereo MC’s “Connected”

April 12, 2011

Photo from iTunes

OK, so I’m going to totally show my age on this one, but the other day, hubby and I heard the Stereo MC’s “Connected” on the radio, and I stunned the man as I belted out all the lyrics and started dancing all trance-like in the front seat of our mini van. I was suddenly transported back to 1992, the year I graduated high school. That fall, as a freshman in high school, I danced the night away at parties and in clubs, and “Connected” was one of those songs in constant rotation. Man, I was awesome back then.

Well, I’ve decided to recapture a bit of that awesomeness and have since added “Connected” to my workout playlist…it’s got a great house beat, with a little hip-hop/rap thrown in for good measure. And it’s cheaper than most songs these days, since it’s so old. Er, I mean, since it’s a classic. Wait, I mean, it’s not as new as new songs are.

‘Cause I’m totally not old.

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