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The Dirty Dozen & Cleaning that Dirty Produce

April 21, 2011

In this post, I’m actually talking about dirty produce. Not, you know, dirty produce.

Last year, our new favorite website, the Environmental Working Group, put out a list of the Dirty Dozen fruits and vegetables that contain the highest levels pesticides and should be bought as Organic. They also conveniently provide a list of the Clean 15, the items you don’t need to worry as much about.  As NatureMomma Mandy and I discussed yesterday, we know our goal is to eliminate as many chemicals going in and on our bodies. Unfortunately, most of us cannot just scrap everything we have and suddenly go all-organic, all-natural, all-harmful-chemical-free overnight. Organic fruits and vegetables are more expensive, and not everyone is an accomplished gardener to grow everything they need to eat.

Enter my lovely friend, Karon, who posted a quick and easy recipe for a fruit and veggie wash on her blog yesterday. As you slowly make the switch to organic produce, you can give this Produce Wash Recipe a try on those items that you are still purchasing non-organic. Combine that with the list of the worst offenders, and you have a great place to start eating cleaner.

1 tablespoon white vinegar
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 cup of water

Pour these ingredients into a clean spray bottle and mix well. When you’re ready to eat some deliciousness, spray on fruit or vegetables to remove harmful pesticides, let stand for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Very simple, very cheap and an easy way to ease yourself in to going full-on organic. I’m going to go clean my celery now.

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