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NatureMomma: Turn It Off!

April 27, 2011

I often walk into the house when my husband is with the kids and every light in the house is on, two tvs, the radio, the computer, and where is everyone?…..oh, they are all reading! I calmly go through the house turning everything off (as it is 8pm) and go upstairs to remind my husband, yet again to turn things off when they are not being used! I grew up in a house where you turned off the lights as soon as you left a room, and over time, I got used to doing things in the dark a lot. I guess my parents were a little progressive when it came to greener energy use (actually, I think it was more like keeping a greener pocket book)!

So how much energy can turning off lights and appliances save you? The US Department of Energy as well as some of your local energy providers (ie-Ameren) have some helpful information on their websites to help you analyze your home’s energy use. These sights also give you information on products out there that are energy efficient. I already use the compact fluorescent bulbs in my house (be sure to recycle these), so now I’m going to find other ways to help save. Something I am just getting into are motion-detecting sensors for household light bulb sockets. I just got one of these from Target and put it in my laundry room because I’m always juggling the laundry basket to turn the light on. Now, the light goes on when I enter the room and double bonus…. It turns itself off (for when the hubby forgets again)! The company that makes this sensor is called Practecol and it makes other energy-friendly appliance solutions (some available at Target).

An obvious solution to energy conservation is use less energy whenever and wherever you can!  Open up the blinds and take advantage of the sun (I know it’s been sparse lately). Unplug rarely used appliances. Take your phone charger out of the wall once it is charged.  Put electronics on energy-friendly surge protection strips. I’m constantly trying to remind my children to be energy-efficient. I’m starting to show them this valuable lesson by teaching them, as my parents taught me, that we should turn lights off  when we are not using them. I hope that my children will help continue the green energy movement by learning that we must conserve energy whenever and wherever we can! Soooooo…..turn off the LIGHT!

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