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End of the world as we know it?

May 13, 2011

In the past 24 hours, I’ve seen the following:

As if that isn’t disturbing enough….

And then this on

(Sorry, but ABC would not let me put their video on my site…you have to go to theirs and watch their commercials. Boo.)

So who’s to blame? The parents? Celebrities? Permissible doctors? The Media? Corporate America? Muslims? POTUS? Your neighbor’s dog, Skip?

It doesn’t matter who’s to blame. The fact is we should all be ashamed of ourselves and our own hypocrisies. We say we don’t want to give our girls insecurities, yet every other woman I know is on a diet and hates her (insert X body part – mine is thighs). We say we don’t want our girls to focus on looks, and yet studies and news reports remind us that attractive people do get more in this world. We mock celebrities who are caught looking fat or ugly, then blame them when they teach our kids they shouldn’t be fat or ugly.

The bottom line is that Skechers (whom I love…well, loved), wouldn’t have put out a product they didn’t test market. Consumers somewhere in the world told them they would buy these shoes. Those “consumers somewhere” undoubtedly have seen and heard the news reports about the steady increase of obese children, and how our kids don’t get enough exercise. Watching the reality shows on Bravo, I’m sure these “consumers somewhere” have said to themselves, “No way I want my kid to be fat and ugly.” And the mom who gave her kid Botox? She’s not the first, just the first one I’d heard about. I think what she’s done is deplorable, but none more than the doctor who allowed it, the media that airs photos of “Celebrities Without Makeup!”, and the neighbor who talks about the “unfortunate looking” little girl down the street.

If you ever hear me speaking in a way that evokes any of the above, please feel free to call me out. I’m not writing a blog to show people how to be as skinny or as pretty as possible. I’m hoping this blog is about taking care of yourself, both inside and out, all while surrounded by little monsters who make it difficult (read: your children). And that you leave feeling supported and uplifted, not feeling fat and ugly. And if I’m not doing my job, then you guys are the ones to tell me.

In the meantime, take a look in the mirror. See that woman? See that man? You’re amazing and beautiful. Just the way you are. Know it, feel it, love it. And go tell your baby girl the same thing. And then pray for us all.

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