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Heavy Loads

June 15, 2011

We’ve been waking up to rain the past few mornings. Yesterday, the boys and I were able to get out just before lunch for a walk. I saw “walk” rather than a walk/jog because of this…

I’m pushing a solid 100 pounds of stroller, kid and water/snacks. Most of it uphill. I gotta tell ya, pushing these boys around the neighborhood is getting harder and harder, thank goodness they’re skinny! I have to admit that many times during the walk yesterday, I thought “You know what, this is getting too hard. I’m gonna quit and turn around!”

But here’s the thing. This heavy load is nothing. I have a body, it works, maybe not as great I wish it did some days, but it’s nothing to shake a stick at. I’m healthy. Since Monday (months, actually, in the whole scheme of things), my FitMommas group has been dealing with the news that our friend’s husband has Stage 4 cancer. This is the same friend I mentioned in last week’s skin cancer PSA. I’m bitchin’ about the heavy load of my precious boys when it occurs to me that I would walk uphill pushing both boys for 20 miles a day if only my friend could grow old with her husband.

Last week, I also tweeted (or maybe it was on Facebook?) about my sister in law, who walked a marathon and a half in two days as part of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in honor of a friend of hers. I saw her this past weekend, and she talked about how hard it was, and how many times she thought about taking the rescue ride to the finish line, but stopped herself when she thought about what her friend had to endure. Surely, if her friend can face breast cancer treatment, she could face two days of walking.

I have other friends who are facing cancer right now. I pray to God none of them reach Stage 4 as my friend’s husband has. I pray that their bodies have what it takes to fight, to bear the heavy load of treatments, fatigue and stress.

And today I’ll push my God-given body and feel blessed.

Besides, how can I feel anything other than blessed when these two beauties are my “heavy loads” day in and day out?


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