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Fighting the Germies

June 16, 2011

I have been fighting a cold all week. No stuffy head or nose or anything. Just a persistent sore throat and a “Uh, I don’t feel quite right” feeling. Yesterday totally sucked because a huge storm woke up the house at 3:30am, and thanks to a series of insomnia-inducing events, I never went back to sleep. All freakin’ day.

You know what a night of no sleep does to your immune system? Stupid Storm. I hate you right now, because today, I feel like someone poured liquid hot lava down my throat. Searing pain in my lymph nodes, throat, and around the back of my neck to my ears. What the hell is that in there!

So even though so many blogs pushed me to get my workout in yesterday, it turns out standing up right was about all my body could take. But today…even though I’m hours behind, after I finish this post, I have a date with my new exercise toy (more to come on that!). Because while I feel like I’ve downed a Big Gulp of Fire, my spirit is high after a decent (not great) night of sleep.

I started the day with a basic breakfast of berries & cottage cheese, English black tea and honey, and a serving of Raspberry Emergen-C. I love Emergen-C, but during the non-winter months, I just don’t think to take it every day. Apparently I should.

I donned my favorite workout shirt- an old Dave Matthews concert shirt. How else to take a 10 year old, $36-even-back-then tshirt and give it some glory! Look at this thing! It’s gone threadbare all over (you can see it’s sheerness on my hip), emerging holes in the pits, the hem’s falling out in the back.

And do you see that tale-tale sign of a cold sore on the lip? That’s what fighting a cold all week gets me. Stupid Germs.

Unfortunately, we missed Tiny Tot swim time with the Playgroup peeps. I’m totally bummed, but since I’m not sure if I’m carrying the plague, I chose to stay home this morning. And if all goes well, the boys and I will take a dip in the neighbor’s pool this afternoon. No laps for me, the balancing of two boys who can’t swim will be workout enough.

Do you workout when you’re sick? What about feeling sick vs. full-on-death sick?

I was sure I wouldn’t do anything today, I mean, I feel sicker today than yesterday. But somehow, I feel like it’ll do my body good, not bring it down.

Do you take supplements to help keep the Germies at bay?

During the winter time, I’m pretty devout to my vitamin regimen – Super B 100 Complex, an Emergen-C, plus my joint support/old lady pills. This time of year, I get arrogant and forget.

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  1. June 17, 2011 12:30 pm

    Sometimes those cotton thread-bare ones are the most COMFY ones to wear. . .ever!

  2. June 19, 2011 9:25 am

    I hear ya, doll! That’s why it’s my favorite workout shirt! So much love (and sweat) have gone into it…


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