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Making It Work…for Me

June 23, 2011

So I had a bit of an Ah-Ha moment last week while reading Cori’s blog over at Read.Write.Run.Mom. She was talking about making it work for her – it being fitness, health, etc. A bit of a backstory…

I had bunions when I was a kid. Yes, kid. Like 12 years old. I had surgery to remove them when I was 19, it involved breaking the bones in both of my feet, and included having two screws placed on one side of my left foot. Said screws were supposed to come out at some point, but guess what? They haven’t. So I have two pieces of metal in my freakishly very thin foot. (Seriously, they’re like skeletons with skin.)

What does this have to do with fitness? Well, everything. I rarely wear lace up shoes because I have to tighten them just so, as I lose feeling in my big toe very easily. Even in my very fabulous Brooks running shoes, I have to play around with tying them so I can wear them more than five minutes.

The metal in my foot also serves as a fantastic barometer. I can tell ya when a snow storm is coming. Sucks.

And, every blue moon, the screws start to “cut.” Well, I don’t know what they’re actually doing in there, but it feels like they’re rubbing on fresh flesh. (Are you still with me? Stay with me!)

Anyway, that day last week when I faked my way through a 40 minute walk with my boys, because I just needed to get out and get moving….I also went for a family walk that evening. And the screws were cutting. And it hurt. Bad. And that evening, I had this downward spiral of…

What am I doing?
I can’t do this.
What makes me think I can be a runner, I could barely walk my street.
That’s it, I might as well write my last blog about my gimp foot, grab some ice cream and call it a day!
Not that I’m dramatic or anything.

Anyhoo, that night we had a storm come through, kids were up, I was kicked out of bed, and I basically was up for the day at 3:30am. And I had some blog reading time to myself. That’s when I came upon Cori’s post. And she unapologetically talked about making it work for her. It was a like a Big Fat DUH slapped me upside the face. I don’t have to be a marathon runner to be fit, or be a fitness blogger. I have to find what works for me.

She actually talked about how she got a stationary bike and the full series of Felicity on DVD. Huh. Not that my “making it work” had to match hers, but that was a damn good idea for someone with a gimp foot! And guess what I did?

Yep. I got me a bike.

By Noon that day, I had bought a stationary bike for $15 off Craiglist. It ain’t fancy, but this thing is in great shape (and I can totally resell it for double what I paid!) And while I, too, was shocked that Keri Russell chopped off her signature mane, Felicity wasn’t the show I had in mind. I had never watched Lost. And all six seasons are currently on Netflix.

By that afternoon…

I had set myself up a little workout station in my bedroom. I am in serious need of cordless headphones or ones with a longer cord. But other than that annoying glitch, this is really working for me. I’ve done it for a week now, and it’s fantastic….and so is Lost! My kids love getting in on the action as well.

Before my first son was born, my husband and I rode bikes all the time. I love bike riding. Probably because I’ve always sucked at running. But I never got used to hauling the kid behind me in the trailer and then I got pregnant with my second son. Now there’s two kids to haul and we don’t even have that trailer anymore (it was borrowed from the neighbors.) But all excuses aside, I’m wondering why I gave up on something that I actually loved and enjoyed.

After a week on the basic stationary, I already know that I’m ready to invest in something better, more like a spinning bike. We’ll be on the Craigslist prowl, I’m sure. Either way, I am back to having an easy-to-do daily workout, one that works no matter the time of day or weather, that doesn’t kill me a la P90X or a la running. I’m excited. I’m motivated.

How do you feel when an ah-ha moment hits? Do you act on it right away, or let it simmer?

Do you find you do things that maybe you don’t 100% love because others love it so much? 

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