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10 Beliefs That Drive Me Bonkers

June 25, 2011

So here’s Day 3 of Ms. Stephanie from Fit Mom…in Training’s 10 in 10…

10 Beliefs That Drive Me Bonkers

1. Stay at home moms just stay in their home with nothin’ much to do all day.

2. There’s a get-skinny-quick method that really works in the long term.

3. All Christians are hypocrites; all Jews are greedy; all Muslims are terrorists.

4. All Whites are racist; all Blacks are thieves; all Mexicans are gang-members; all Native Americans are alcoholics.

5. Diet foods, loaded with lab-created chemicals created by man, are healthier options to natural, often higher-calorie foods that people have been eating for hundreds (thousands?) of years.

6. A committed gay couple is a greater atrocity to the institute of marriage than a heterosexual on his or her third marriage.  (Or worse, TV game shows that hooks people up for marriage!)

7. A multi-vitamin will take care of whatever deficiencies you have in your diet.

8. Children will automatically do the right thing, even if we don’t teach and model the “right thing.”

9. You have to spend a fortune on pills and supplements to be fit and healthy.

10. I am right, you are wrong, and that’s pretty much the end of it.

Not that I have an opinion on things or anything… 🙂

Have a great Saturday, pretty peeps!

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