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Bring on da Mus-cles!

June 27, 2011

(Please note, you should say Mus-cles with a hard C, so as to conjure up images of Popeye and his bulging biceps.)

Image from Discover Magazine

It seems I have finally found my cardio groove, not to mention am now addicted to a show that ended a year ago. I am definitely going to need to upgrade my stationary bike soon, but alas, it is not in the FitMommas budget as of yet. (Craigslist and I, however, are the closest of friends these days, as we visit almost daily, looking for deals.)

With that, I am adding serious strength training back into the rotation. I love strength training, more so than cardio. Back in the day, I did very little cardio, tons of strength and life was golden. 10 years – and two babies – later, I need a bit more cardio than I once did, something about nature wanting a Momma body to be a bit cushier to birth babies. Whatever, Nature, I can rise up to meet your demands.

I’ve never really stopped strength training, but before it was random, with no set goal, so it feels good to outline a specific strength workout. I am not following P90X right now, as I’ve stopped and started four or five times. It’s hard to admit defeat, so I’m admitting not-quite-readiness instead. Tony and I will meet again, he’s too dorky and goofy not to hang out with in the future. 🙂

So today, it was upper body – two exercises per area, three sets of (mostly) 15 reps each. I pushed in some areas, not in others, but made the necessary notes to adjust what I need the next go round. I opted not to use my covered in crap in the basement weight bench, and instead used my exercise ball, which, really I love. Besides working that pesky core of mine, it makes strength training kid-like, as you roll around the living room workout space with the greatest of ease. Or something like that.

Dumbbell Chest Press (Chest): 8lbs for 15 reps, 3x
Pushups (Chest): 6 knee pushups, good form, 3x (need to push this one)
Seated Dumbbell Press (Shoulders): 3lbs for 15 reps, 3x (try 4lbs next time)
Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise (Shoulders): 3lbs for 15 reps, 3x (it pains me how hard 3lbs is.)
Dumbbell Pullovers (Back): 8lbs for 15 reps, 3x
One-Arm Dumbbell Row (Back): 8lbs for 15 reps, 3x (need to push this one)
Table Dips (Triceps): 15 reps, 3x, legs bent
Dumbbell Extension/French Press (Triceps): 5lbs, 3x
Bicep Curls: 5lbs for 15 reps, 3x (I was tired and lazy, need to move up)
Hammer Curls: 5lbs for 15 reps, 3x

The only problem with my workout? I didn’t do it early enough. As in, Children and Dogs kept interrupting me, I had to take the puppy pee and lost some warmth in my mus-cles. It was not an enjoyable workout because of them. Must work on timing, or children will die.

At least I’m an inspiring force in the house…

(I know, I may be overusing the filmstrip motif, but it is awfully cute!)

Anyhoo, it’s been a crazy, busy Monday – errands to be run, fundraisers to be planned, dinners to be cooked and children to raise. In fact, the cute little guy from the photos above is pulling on my arms as I type this. Not jokin’. Never enough time for the Momma…

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