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10 Must-Have for Every Fit Mom

July 3, 2011

Well, it’s the last day of our 10 in 10 series. (OK, yesterday was, but – can you believe – I didn’t step foot in front of my computer all day. My husband was so happy!). So we’ll pretend that today is the last day, and a big thanks goes out to Stephanie over at Fit Mom …In Training for starting such a fun little idea. I’ve gotten lots of comments from friends and family, who not only learned a thing or two about me, but also got their brains going about themselves!

So without further ado….

10 Must -Have for Every Fit Mom

1. Creativity

2. A good pair of athletic shoes

3. A positive attitude

4. A workout friend (or some form of accountability)

5. A jogging stroller

6. A willingness to have fun in the kitchen

7. Resistance bands (While I still prefer dumbbells, you can’t beat the portability of bands!)

8. A sense of balance (I’m talking mental balance, though physical balance is always nice, too!)

9. Sunscreen

10. Goals (and the plan to get you there!)

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