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Can I get a Mulligan?

July 6, 2011

Today has not been my day. 

We got back yesterday afternoon from an extended weekend in Trey’s hometown of Hannibal, MO. We had a great time – we ate, swam, ate, laughed, ate, soaked in a bit of Americana, ate. I’m really hoping that all the swimming, laughing and walking we did made up for the mass amounts of “homestyle cookin'” I consumed.

My kid’s lips are blue from the Ring Pop he had, not because it’s cold. And that strapless bra I’m wearing is not flattering to my tatas – yes, they point downward, but we don’t need to show that to the world.

We swam so much over the weekend, that even though we were home by 12:30 yesterday, hubby and I were dead to the world. Every ounce of energy had been sucked out of my body…and probably into my gut to try to process all that heavy food. I pulled out a frozen meal from my Dinner Club, we got the boys in bed early, made a quick trip to the library to return all the overdues, and settled into a movie night with the hubby.

Then this morning….

1. The neighbor decided to mow their lawn early. Like bef0re-7am early. Who does that? 6:45, and I can hear the mower going back and for across the side of the house, right where my and the boys’ bedrooms are. Thanks, neighbor.

2. All our good food had gone bad. I like to start my day with a light breakfast – banana, cottage cheese with berries, maybe a smoothie – so I can get my workout in and then save the more substantial breakfast (oats, toast) for later. But due to my laziness exhaustion on Tuesday afternoon, I had no light food. It was sad.

Look at my fruit bowl! One, growing-something-on-the-side, sad looking orange.

My fruit drawer in the fridge ain’t much better…the limes are the same shade of green as the Granny Smith apple! Weird. This does make a nice fruit-Picasso, though.

Here’s all the food-gone-bad containers, ready to be recycled.

After all the clean-out, all I had left was my steel cut oats and tea. What a sad, brown morning breakfast. I miss fruit.

3. I mentioned that Trey and I enjoyed a movie last night, right? We watched “Conviction,” with Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell. Great flick. So I was a bit surprised this morning when I turned on some Tom and Jerry for the kiddos – so I could clean out my kitchen, of course – that it appeared that I needed 3D glasses to watch TV.

(Love that you can see my flouncy sleep shorts in the reflection – these make my legs look slim, I think I shall wear them more.)

The red has seperated from the rest of the colors. WTF happened overnight? I called the hubby at work, and he confirmed that when he had his morning meditation with The Weather Channel, the TV was indeed Jacked Up. CRAAAAAPPPP! It is not in the family budget to buy a new TV. We have trip after trip after trip this month. We have a basement to finish. And my backdeck hasn’t even been started on. CRRAAAPPP.

5. Did you know it was Wednesday? Cuz I didn’t. That’s what happens when you take a super-long weekend. It’s the middle of the week and no one even told you.

5a. I have a wedding invite to design for my sister. She needs to mail them. In a month.

5b. I am now a co-chair for a Foundation set up to raise money for my friend’s family – my friend whose husband has Stage 4 Melanoma. My list of to-dos is just a wee-bit long.

5c. After a weekend of getting chastised for not posting on the personal blog in almost two weeks, I have some kid photos to get up before the extended family goes postal.

I’d like a do over on this morning, a Mulligan, if you will. Get up early, get my workout in, have heaping mounds of fresh fruit, have a TV that doesn’t give you a headache, and have a few hours to myself to knock out some of my to-dos.

But instead…I will be grateful. This weekend was just too damn good to let One. Crappy. Morning. get me down. I feel inspired by a sticker I saw last week…

So let me wrap up this post, get the kids dressed so we can hit the produce stand and grocery store, get The Beast down for a nappy (Please, Beast, please!), get my workout in, and get some Momma-work done. Those be my goals…

How was your 4th of July? Go anywhere or stay home?

Can you bounce back after a rough morning, or is the rest of your day just blown?

Is it too early for ice cream?


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