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50% off at Red Envelope? Is this a suburb of Heaven?

September 29, 2011

This could make your Mom tear up on Christmas morning!

Back when we were a two-income household, I bought many a gift from Red Envelope. I love their site, they always have such unique ideas! Alas, my current budget doesn’t allow for too much Red Enveloping for me, no matter how many 30% off please-come-back coupons they send me.

So color me tickled pink that there’s a Mamasource coupon for them today! $15 gets you $30 worth of merch at my once-favorite gift store! (That’s 50% off for my math-challenged friends!) You do know there’s a little thing called Christmas coming up, right?

My mom owns this necklace, and this one, too. And a few other things that I can’t remember…

Even better, Mamasource lets you donate 5% of your sale to a local school. Now, 5% of $15 ain’t much, but it’ll count towards some learnin’ at my kiddo’s school.

BTW, I have no health and fitness connection to this deal. Well, they do have a whole spa collection, so let’s go with that. That’s health-like.

What’s your favorite gift you’ve ever received?

Alas, mine was not from Red Envelope. Mine would be the small diamond stud earrings my husband bought me when our first son was born. Trey’s not a gift-giver, and I know that came from his heart.
(Case in point of my husband’s non-gift-giving persona: Our first Christmas together, he bought me a pair of slippers and a wooden dish rack. In his defense, I had mentioned that I wanted those things….you know, like I want a new vacuum cleaner someday.)

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