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Payless Score!

October 4, 2011

I bought this shoe in grey. It's comfy and cute. And it's Champion brand, so it's athletic, therefore needed to be bought so I could blog about it.


It’s a crazy week around these parts, as my kid sister is getting married on Friday in Memphis, a five hour drive away. My family of five and I are hauling down half a house load to prepare for such an event. One of this week’s major to-dos was buying shoes for four of the five of us. Geesh, I’m going to be broke by Friday.

What’s that? It’s BOGO at Payless? And you can pair that with a coupon? Why, 20% off coupon, aren’t you pretty!

So, this morning, I bought 10 pairs of shoes, plus two pair of no-show socks, for $142.

Oh, I only needed four pairs of shoes for this Friday? Well, I mean, at BOGO, with 20% off, I’d say that’s a great time to stock up, no?

Here’s what I got:

A pair of dress shoes for each of the boys.

Two pairs of flats for the Tween for school; plus two options for wedding shoes.

A dress shoe for me to wear with my Maid of Honor dress; a pair of brown flats (which I’ve needed); a pair of short boots (which…I…needed?); and a really comfy Champion brand athletic flat (which I needed so that I could blog about it on my health and fitness blog.)

I’d say that was a successful day at Payless!

What’s your definition of Shoe Success? Mine is anytime you can buy a comfortable shoe, on sale, with a coupon, and that I actually wear more than once.

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  1. October 6, 2011 12:34 pm

    You win – love it! I need to figure out how to buy things so I can blog about them as well.. Thinking maybe some more smartwool socks…

  2. October 18, 2011 10:45 am

    Can I tell you something totally crappy? So the hubby was NOT happy that I bought 10 pairs of shoes, he didn’t care what a great bargain it was.

    I’m going to end up taking back these Champions. Truth is, they aren’t a great fit…but they look cute. If I really had my way, I’d get two new pair of my favorite Skechers (they put them out under different names, but they’re really slim fitting, no tie.) And those ain’t cheap. So taking back two pairs of my shoes that I got, and will try to find some Skechers when they’re on a good sale.

    Financial reality sucks. 🙂

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