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Zombie-esque with a side of Kiwi

October 19, 2011

Last night was defiitely better than the night before as far as sleep goes, but no doubt I’m still a wee little bit tired this morning. I didn’t have any insomnia, but my Beastie Boy still woke up throughout the night due to his coughing. It was never bad enough that we had to hang out on the front porch, but at one point, I did have to soothe him back to sleep. Poor baby.

But let’s get honest, it’s really about Poor Mom. I’m verging on the Zombie this morning. I don’t look good and am just a tad washed out. It may be day number two with coffee. (Uh, oh, this is how the addiction starts again, isn’t it?) My completely awesome and fantastic friend Kris brought me over my favorite Starbucks drink yesterday morning: Decaf, non-fat mocha with no whip. It’s kinda like heaven in a cardboard cup. To Coffee or Not To Coffee?

(Crap, I’m totally rambling like I was yesterday! Not a coherent thought in this brain this morning.)

Hey, you know what’s tasty? Chopped up kiwi and cottage cheese. I’m struggling to find decent strawberries and picked up a package of kiwi instead. A bit more labor intensive than straight strawberries, but equally as satisfying, and so pretty!

I’m starting to mourn the loss of high-quality produce that we face in the upcoming winter months here in the Midwest. We’ll pay twice as much for fruits and veggies of half the quality. But there’ll be fireplaces, soups and stews, and baking! I’m not sure that’ll help the waistline, but we’re all about making it work! Speaking of baking, my Beastie Boy wants to make these Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins that I’ve seen all over Pinterest and Facebook. So off I go to bake. Will let you know how the workout is.

What’s your favorite things to Bake? I’m not a baker at all, I don’t have a favorite thing. I’m a Cook all the way. I’d like to discover the love of baking more, now that my little guys are good helpers. Baby steps.

Do you have cold or mild Winters where you live? I live in The Lou, aka St. Louis, MO. We experience all four seasons to the full extent. Heat and humidity in the summer, cold and snow in the winter. Fall and Spring are simply spectacular.


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