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Where to start….

October 26, 2011

Today’s a busy day. Not so much because I have many places to be, but because I have many places to be over the next few days, and almost everything needs prep. So guess what that means for today?

Prep Day

I started my morning with a good breakfast…

Steel cut oats, honey, and banana...

and my Down & Dirty Mocha (uh-oh, tea is no longer cuttin’ the mustard.)

I'll take one swirling cafe mocha, dirty.

So now it’s time for The List:

  1. Pack lunch for Lil’ Man’s field trip – DONE
  2. Email teacher  that I’m not going to be there today – DONE
  3. Name tags for The Beast’s Halloween party tomorrow
  4. Print color sheets for party tomorrow – DONE
  5. Name tags for Lil’ Man’s Halloween party (could wait, that party is Monday…)
  6. Draft letter for Craigslist issue (A Whole Other Issue!)
  7. Rework logos for the Trivia Night answer sheets
  8. Finalize all 10 answer sheets
  9. Review Trivia Night rules sheet and answer tracking sheet
  10. Email emcee all the questions and answers and turn him over to Logistics Committee
  11. Create the Sponsor Board PDF for logistics
  12. Personal blog post – DONE
  13. Email Craigslist lady who wants 12 mos. clothes
  14. Repost 18mos and 24mos/2T clothes with new pictures (and take pictures)
  15. WORKOUT (only way I’m gonna stay sane)
  16. Laundry (kids are running out of pants) – IN PROGRESS
  17. Costco list – DONE

What’s your To-Do look like today? To-Do lists actually keep me sane. I’m not going to get everything done today and I’ll do a lot more that’s not even on the list. But when you have this much crap swirling in your head, you’re bound to overlook something. The List gives me a reference point and keeps my head from exploding. Because cleaning that mess up would just be one more thing I gotta do.

What do you do with your kids when you’re tackling to-dos? Today, illness is on my side. We were supposed to go on big brother’s field trip to the pumpkin patch, but The Beast’s cough kicked up this morning, and it’s best to keep him home. Hoping the Benedryl I just gave him does this to him…

Wait a minute, did i just admit to drugging my children in order get things done around the house? 

No, I would never, ever do that.

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  1. November 3, 2011 12:55 pm

    Schedule some down time too sweetness. You worry me!

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