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For Da Locals Only – Fit Mommas of St. Peters

February 24, 2012

Apologies to anyone living outside of the St. Charles County or St. Louis areas, this will not so much pertain to you.

Are you in need of fitness motivation, and can be in the St. Peters area on weekday mornings? 

Then I have two options for you – one free and one not free. Let’s start with the Free, because Free is always good.

While I no longer actively participate in Stroller Aerobics (you need kids who are still in strollers!), FitMommas of St. Peters still has Strobix three times a week – Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9am. They’re either at Mid Rivers Mall or Spencer Creek Park, depending on the weather. Jennifer P. and Amy H. seem to be doing the leading these days, so if you have young ones in a stroller and are in need of a good workout, then give this awesome group a try! Kristina and I started Fit Mommas over five years ago, and my heart will always be with it!  We also have monthly trail hikes, a running club and we love Piloga on Monday nights at Grace Church on Mexico.

If, however, like me, your kids have outgrown the stroller….you can find me and a few other Fit Mommas at the St. Peters Club Fitness location on most Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Typically, it’s Gina, Kari and me – we don’t have any set schedule, and we all kinda do our own thing. You can expect us between 9:15 and 9:45, and we’re usually there at least an hour.

Right now, I’ve just begun a Couch-to-5K training program, Get Running on my iPhone, so I start off on the treadmill. I then hit the free weights area with all the muscle heads, alternating arm and leg workouts. And on Friday, we try to get there on time for an additional 9:15am abs class, which is awesome!

If you have a Club Fitness membership, why don’t you join us? Gina loves the elliptical, Kari does all of it, and I have my set routine, so there’s something for everyone. And even if you don’t know the three of us, I’ve seen MOPS friends and moms from preschool, so you never know who you might run into!

And if you’ve been considering a gym membership, and have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m not getting anything for referring you, and will happily – and honestly! – answer any questions you have.

Have you ever worked out in a gym?
I’ve had a few gym memberships in my lifetime, and have had a host of reasons why I quit. Too much money, moved away from the location, kid freaked out the entire time in the daycare…

Do you prefer working out at home or at a gym? 
I can work out in either setting, but I definitely get better results in the gym. I think that’s because there are fewer distractions, I’m there for one thing and I get it done. At home, the kids may need something, or I remember about the load of laundry I started two days ago, or something…

If I promised to show you the ropes of the free weights area, would you join me?
Say yes. I promise, it’s not scary at all.

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  1. Karon permalink
    February 28, 2012 9:02 pm

    What do you think of the St Peters location? Are they typically packed in the mornings? How is the babysitting room? Does Ryan do ok? Appointments?
    Tons of questions, I know 😉 I have been a member of CF for sometime but normally go to the 5th Street location. Would be nice to have some friendly motivation. 🙂

    • February 28, 2012 10:47 pm

      In general, I like it. They are busy in the mornings, but I don’t have too much trouble getting what I need. Twice I’ve had to wait for a treadmill, but they had two or three under repair as well. I like the babysitting area, it’s clean and the girls are sweet. You don’t have to call ahead, like you used to.
      I’m also getting to know people in the gym, that I don’t know outside of the gym. So I feel at home. It’s definitely worth my $20 a month.

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