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8 Diet and Exercise Mistakes That Age You from Yahoo! Health

July 27, 2012

For those of us you who are vain and wanna be fit, I enjoyed this quick read:

8 Diet and Exercise Mistakes That Age You | Yahoo! Health.

You Overdo Dessert
Personally, I’m all over the sugar thing. While I am back on sugar after a three-month hiatus at the beginning of this year, I can attest that I felt better all over when I didn’t have sugar in my diet (the same goes for gluten). I indulge a bit here and there, but not at the levels I did before. And apparently my face thanks me for it.

You Spin Away Stress
I’ve never spun away anything, but I have felt the sweet release of extreme parenting frustration from a good run on the treadmill. I do think this yoga-over-strenuous-exercise is good food for thought ,though. Not that a solid cardio workout won’t relieve stress – yoga is just better overall, in the long run. And since yoga is my favorite of all time, I certainly approve this ad.

You Always Choose Coffee Over Tea
Excuse me while I pat myself on the back over the tea vs. coffee point. I have been mixing the two up, and never every single day, mostly out of fear that I’ll become the coffee/caffeine addict I was a mere two years ago. And now I have Official Science a Yahoo article backing up my actions.

You Pretend to Be Allergic to Dumbbells
The weights point shouldn’t be a huge surprise. We’ve long heard that strength training for women was imperative for bone strength – and we’re all just vain enough to not want to end up a hunchback. However, I never thought about it in terms of filling in the sagging skin. And now that I think about it, this entire paragraph is kinda icky.

Your Meat and Dairy Aren’t Organic
Mistake #5 can suck my Epi pen! My three month elimination of dairy (see link above) revealed a dairy allergy, so this is like a non-issue, right? Well, not really. I do still sneak minuscule amounts of dairy into my life, and the rest of my family still consumes it in all forms. I know I should really make the full switch to organic dairy. But I have instead been putting our extra money into non-chemical-y, nitrate free bacon. Because that seemed the wiser investment at the time. Oh, Crap, this says your Meat, too, not just Bacon, doesn’t it? OK, I have a long way to go on this one. Baby Steps, my friends, baby steps.


You Don’t Give Your Body A Break
I’ve actually been giving my body a bit too much of a break. I touched on this in Tuesday’s post, my problem is not over-working-out, rather it is under-working-out. BUT, it is still a good reminder for all of us that our body needs rest and relaxation and sleep. A good rub down from the hubby or professional masseuse never hurt, either.

You Drastically Cut Fat, Carbs or Calories
In all seriousness, my three month candida diet (yup, same as above) did get touchy on a handful of days. When I cut all sugar, all gluten, and all dairy, there were days I didn’t know what the heck to eat, and ate way too little. I still eat far fewer carbs than I did a year ago, but I have figured out how to balance that with healthful additions. This is a crucial point to anyone in a “diet” situation. Find the balance your body needs. It will suffer if you don’t give it the full line of nutrients it needs. (Note: Sugar is not a key nutrient!)

You’re Missing Alkaline-Rich Foods
Mmm, mmm, mmm, the Candida-Diet propaganda is full of information on balancing an acidic body, but this is the first time I’ve correlated that to good skin! Of course, it’s all connected, so it makes sense. This is a topic unto itself, but essentially an acidic body is a toxic body, and a toxic body is a sick body, and it will manifest itself all over the place, including your pretty little face. This one is also tricky for me, as I have an allergy to almonds and apples. But not lemons or limes – which I use the heck out of these days.

Which of these is your biggest challenge? Mine is most definitely the organic thing. It’s a toughy on a one-income budget.

Which of these do you have conquered and are proud as heck about? Sugar, baby. I am no longer a sugar addict. Who woulda thunk it?

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