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Nature’s Skittles

August 20, 2012

I came across this great little picture and caption the other day. My friend Stephanie had copied it from a Facebook page called Big Beautiful Wellness.

That’s a mighty tasty rainbow, indeed! Nom Nom Nom

Isn’t that such a delicious thought? And it reminds me of a little trick one of my besties, Melissa Boyer, keeps up her sleeve when it comes to her kids and sweets. She makes them eat a piece of fruit before sweet treats. Bribery, yes, but it’s a win-win situation, in that she gets the Good Stuff in them and they get the Sweet Stuff they want.

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to get your kids to eat Nature’s Skittles? Seriously, my oldest kid just won’t eat fruit. I don’t get it. Any tips and tricks are much appreciated!

What’s your favorite skittle from Nature? STWAHBEWWIES!

What’s your favorite Skittle? As in Candy Skittles? I loved Grape flavored candy! And you can keep your Tropical Fruit flavors, Mars Inc.

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