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Power90 the Kids

August 27, 2012

My friend Amy recently gave me a copy of her Power 90 DVD. It’s the precursor to the hugely popular P90X that was all the rage a few years ago.

My hubby and I are canceling our Club Fitness membership, as sometime this fall we’re going to join the St. Peters Rec Plex. That way the whole family can swim, ice skate and workout together. So I was excited when Amy offered to let me borrow her disc while I’m in this interim.

Today is my first workout, and the boys were anxious to give it a try while I previewed the workout. It is hugely entertaining to watch these two mimic Tony Horton. Three year old Beastie Boy was counting along, shouting out “Hold” along with Tony. Both boys pulled out the one and two pound weights for the arms.

They’ll be buff in no time.




(In case you are wondering, The Big Kid is home sick today. He had a legit tummy issue first thing this morning, but his recovery is nothing short of miraculous. So we spent an hour practicing spelling; then a half hour of a new workout. Now he is being forced to read in his bed. He hates this. Good.)

Have you done either Power 90 series?
I tried the P90X series, but that was a serious time commitment that I, quite frankly, wasn’t willing to give. Looking forward to trying the original.
What do you do when you realize your kid is not really sick on a school day?
I thought about taking him up to school, but there was that real yucky thing this morning. I know he’s fine, but there’s that worry that this isn’t just last night’s dinner not agreeing with him. I wish all tummy aches came with a verifiable symptom. Like your stomach turns Green or your hair turns Purple. Then us moms would know!

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