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Tuesday’s Looks Likes Last Night’s Dinner

September 26, 2012

Last night was a pretty standard-fare night. Pork chops. Veggie. Starch.

Dinner, 9/25/12

I bought these ginormous chops from Costco awhile back. I kid you not, they are two inches thick. Last night, I brined them for about an hour in basic salt water, and then rubbed them down with some Original Mrs. Dash. Nothing fancy. I browned them in a combo of extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. I browned them for quite a bit, actually; “burnt,” one might even say. I then added some chicken broth, lowered the heat, and let them cook through. In hindsight, I should have covered them with a lid for more of a steaming effect, which keeps more moisture in the meat.

I don’t eat much in the way of starchy sides these days. Going gluten-free for three full months showed me that while I may not have a gluten-intolerance, I simply feel better when I don’t eat starches and gluten-filled foods. However, Trey’s a huge fan of red potatoes and our local produce stand has been selling the baby reds, and I stocked up. So the sides were some boiled red potatoes, and steamed asparagus, and as you can see, I had a ton of the green and a wee-bit of the red. I haven’t steamed asparagus in forever, but it was a touch too warm in the house to turn on the oven for roasting.

In years past, I would have slathered both the asparagus and the potatoes in butter, salt and pepper. But, I pretty much avoid butter now, thank you very much dairy allergy. Excuse me while I mourn for a few moments…

OK, so I’m back. Now I eat my potatoes and asparagus with only salt and pepper. It’s actually quite delicious, but my taste buds have also completely changed. And honestly, if you don’t have a dairy issue…please…eat butter. For me. Do it for me.

And I know you’re wondering, so yes, my kids do eat the asparagus. The Big Kid 6 year old just eats the top tip as a no-thank-you-bite. He’s also not a fan of potatoes, but he eats a few bites with his pork chop. The Beastie Boy 3 year old took a few small bites of the asparagus with his pork chop and flat out refused to eat any potato. I’m not sure who’s kids they are, as I would cut off my left arm for a butter-drenched, salt and peppered, bacon-bitted bite of potato.

To Pork or Not To Pork? There’s no sexual question there, just wondering if you’re a fan of the pig or not. Not everyone is. We eat it in a limited amount. Except for bacon. I spend a small fortune on nitrate-, nitrate-, hormone-, antibiotic-free bacon, and eat it by the pound.

Have your kids had asparagus? It’s not scary, I promise. Your best bet is to have them start at the top, it’s less stalk-y. I’m also a big fan of bite-combining, where you take a less-desirable item and pair it with a more-desirable item. This is how The Big Kid eats pretty much any vegetable. I always ask for a no-thank-you bite, and encourage the same amount of bites as their age. I don’t care how they get it down. I also don’t always get what I ask for, but we try each time.

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