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Chocolate Raspberry Coffee…mmmm….

September 27, 2012

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that there was a time when I was severely addicted to coffee. And I did it, I made the cut, I cut the strings, I came out a new woman. Going coffee free was an exercise in strength, endurance, mental fortitude. Fast forward just a wee bit….

My typical morning view in the kitchen.

Now, in all honesty, I did not jump right back in to coffee. It was a once-in-awhile treat. Realizing that my severe addiction was born out of the necessity to brew multiple cups at a time, I asked for and received a Keurig for Christmas last year. I used to think these were ridiculous (not to mention incredibly expensive and inefficient); I mean, who’s stupid enough to use these things? People who only need one cup of coffee on occasion, silly, that’s who!

I didn’t even use my Keurig much for the first few months, because I was in detox and only needed it for the occasional cup of tea. It became a very expensive tea kettle. However, around the first of the school year (about two months ago), I discovered Raspberry Chocolate Truffle flavored K-Cups by Van Houtte.

Oh my goodness, the aroma is amazing, it fills my kitchen and my soul with a warmth that feels like Momma. Sure, at first I tried to pretend that my Yogi Perfect Energy Vanilla Spice tea was enough soul warm-ness to get me through each day. But with each passing day, it was clear that aroma euphoria was only achieved with the sinful scents of chocolate raspberry.

I’m hooked, people. I cannot lie. This is my confession.

What scents transport you to a feeling of “home?” It’s the pumpkin spice time of year, I know a lot of my friends are all over that right now.

Do you know anyone at Keurig? Or Van Houtte? Because I need to submit my contact information for my payment. Who am I kidding, I’d sing my love from the mountain tops and expect nothing in return! (Unless you really do know someone who could hook me up with a lifetime supply.)

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