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Looks Like Last Night’s Dinner: freakishly lemony fish

September 27, 2012

Yes, my kids eat fish. Let’s just get that out of the way. I buy tilapia loins from Costco, and we have fish at least every other week, sometimes more. Just try it. They might like it. Last night was yet another fish experiment…

Dinner: 9/26/12

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very successful experiment. It happens. I put the fish in a baggie, and squeezed in a whole lemon; added some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, oregano, parsley, cracked pepper and a couple of dashes of Cholula. I let it marinade for about a half an hour, then sautéed it in coconut oil. I also cooked up some quinoa in chicken broth, and roasted broccoli, tossed in olive oil, salt & pepper.

The problem is that One Whole Lemon was a bit much. Okay, it was a LOT much. I easily doubled, if not tripled, the amount of quinoa I ate from the picture above, because we had to cut each bite of fish with something bland. Oh well, this is what happens. And it’s why I don’t think anyone should be afraid to cook, because I mess up a heck of a lot more than I don’t!

Anyway, last night’s meal is not a good one to ask how the kids did. It was all around bad, we even had a time out for the three year old in the middle of dinner. But bottom line, my kids ate all their minimum bites of each item, even if it almost killed us all.

What are some of your famous cooking horrors? To this day, my husband and I will randomly bring up the time I made halibut in the apartment I lived in when we were dating. It was the single worst meal I’ve ever made. The halibut was completely inedible. I have no idea what happened, but neither of us has had halibut since.

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