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My AdvoCare Experience

December 31, 2012

I have spent years tweaking my supplement plan and diet, doing a ton of research on my own, and subsequently spending a ton of money trying to find the right mix of things. Much of this education was reflected in my posts on this very blog, as I tried to figure out what worked best for me, considering my very unique body and dietary needs. This past November, I did the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, and it was life changing. (I know, so cliche.) I have done detoxes before. I have used energy products before. While I do not regret using those products, there was no doubt that the AdvoCare products were light years ahead of anything else that I have tried in years past.

Most readers know that I the challenge, most do not know that the challenge became more of an AdvoCare Fail on my part! That being said, I loved the challenge enough that I have since signed on to become a distributor. The products are that good.

So what was my Fail? Here’s my story. Let’s begin with my before pictures:

IMG_3697 IMG_3698 IMG_3700

Thanks to my Sugar/Gluten/Dairy detox earlier in the year, I had already lost over 25 pounds. I am 118 in the photos above, and am wearing a size 6-8. I am not fat in these pictures. But I was a flabby skinny person, and was looking to do a mini cleanse and a diet and exercise reboot.

The 24 Day challenge begins with a 10 Day Herbal Cleanse and eating plan. The first day was a bit rough, as the eating plan is a drastic change. I was hungry. But by day two, the supplements had kicked in, and I was fine. Most cleanses leave you feeling horrible as your body detoxes. You are supposed to feel like crap, that is how you know it’s working. (That is what “they” say!) The AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse? I saw the physical results of detoxing but without ANY of the horrible side effects!

Even better, while many cleanses advise that you refrain from exercise, that is not the case with the AdvoCare cleanse. Workout all you want, though I would be aware that you are on a fairly strict diet for these 10 days – so listen to your body and do not be an idiot. Given all of that, I have already committed to doing an Herbal Cleanse 3-4 times per year. In addition to the Herbal Cleanse, I also added Catalyst, an amino acid/muscle building supplement. I saw muscle definition within a few days! (This is purchased separate from the standard 24 Day Challenge package.)

Another element of the 24 Day Challenge is Spark. I am typically very sensitive to energy drinks and supplements. Get the jitters somethin’ fierce. Taking Spark is as close to the drug that Bradley Cooper uses in the movie Limitless that I have ever experienced. Everything comes into focus. I had energy but was not acting like an idiot, bouncing off of walls. Not a single hand shake or jitter. This product has become a staple in the house, in the same way as others may buy milk or juice. Feeling a bit sluggish in the 3pm hour? A quarter to half a serving of Spark, and I was able to make it through my day with bells on, and still able to sleep like a wee little bebe at night. Coffee may have an emotional/warm-cup-of-joe-in-the-hands advantage to Spark, but I would rather Spark it up for real energy levels.

OmegaPlus, an Omega-3 supplement, is another part to the Challenge. I already had quite a supply of Fish Oil supplements from Costco, so I opted not to purchase these. However, after starting the Challenge and deciding that AdvoCare may be selling legal crack in a bottle, I checked out their OmegaPlus. I found out that Dr. Oz himself puts Omega 3s as number one on his list of essential vitamins, and that AdvoCare is one of only two brands he recommends. So, when it is time to restock my fish oils, I plan on giving AdvoCare’s a try.

Here’s the Dr. Oz clip:

The Challenge bundle does inclue meal replacement shakes. I cannot testify to these at all. They are whey-based protein shakes (they have protein bars and other items as well), and I am allergic to the ingredients in them. I am sure they are up to the same quality as other products, but cannot and will not be able to tell you. However, given that you have to eat five to six times per day, a simple meal replacement sure would have been handy on some of my busier days.

Lastly, the MNS packs, which are used the last 14 days of the challenge, well….they contain super powers. Or at least I felt like I had super powers. I have no doubt that these products are loaded with B vitamins, but I do not know what other secret ingredients are in there. Luckily, I do not really have to know. When I tried to do this on my own, I spent tons of time and money coming up with the right cocktail of supplements to support my body while I lost weight and worked out. With these MNS packets, all the figuring is done for you, and I felt better than I ever did doing it on my own. Seriously, they are packets of pure, organized gold.

By the way, this is how I was lookin’ at the end of the first ten days:

photo (31)

Seriously, I had a two, almost-four pack going. After 10 days! I also have to confess that I did not have a regular workout routine during this challenge. My own fault, I just did not get that part together. Imagine what could have been with a true workout plan as well!

Unfortunately, I cannot show you after pictures, as we had a death in the family during the last few days of the challenge, and I did not get to “finish.” I had spent the week before the death tending to sick children in the middle of the night, and when the sleep deprivation was paired with extreme grief and funeral food, my 24 Day Challenge ended on a flat note. However, by the end of the challenge, I had still lost an additional five pounds, toned up my abs and arms a bit (though not to the extent I had hoped for), and dropped another pants size. And that was a Fail. As an added bonus, I did not gain one pound back during the month of “eat-everything-in-site” December. For Reals.

Regardless, I have to officially endorse AdvoCare products as a means of supplementing your body when you are seeking to lose weight and/or build muscle. They actually have an extensive line of products for a variety of health and fitness goals, my experience has not even scratched the service. I look forward to trying more of them, but know that at a minimum, their detox and energy products are MINE!

Have you used AdvoCare products before? Did they work for you the way they worked for me? I know that not everyone reacts the same, so I am interested in hearing others’ stories.

What is your best way to energize? A good night’s sleep? A cup of joe? Please just tell me that it is legal.

Disclaimer: This is my AdvoCare testimonial, and explains my experiences with their products before I became an independent distributor. I am now a distributor (code: I sell this stuff now) because I plan to use the products on an ongoing basis and do not want to pay retail. Others may have different experiences. I would be happy to explain my experiences further if you have questions. You do not have to buy things from me for me to love you. If you would like to give any of these items a try, please do not hesitate to send me a message to find out more. I will be completely honest with you. Check out the AdvoCare page on FitMommas for more information on the 24 Day Challenge and a link to my AdvoCare site.

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