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2013: Goals Revisited at The Halfway Mark

July 3, 2013

482316_10151497402597908_470205463_nWe are now in the second half of 2013! Can you believe it? Time just flies by faster and faster each year, does it not? This year has certainly taken some left hand turns, and I have been thinking and praying on so many goals and ambitions these past few weeks, and it is time to Commit!

As a bit of a recap, the first few months of this year have rocked. Seriously, my husband and I made big strides in our health, our motivation, and our AdvoCare business. March and April were a bit touchy, as my husband was sent to work out of town for the first time ever, but I kept my wits about me, had a great routine going – so it was hard, but doable.

And then May hit. I have got to get a grip on the Month of May. It is such a crazy time for us each and every year, significantly more than the holidays. I have learned how to enjoy the holidays with ease and relaxation, I must figure out how to do the same with May! Most of our family birthdays are in April and May, including two of our three kids just two weeks apart. May also means End of the School Year, which includes field trips, parties, awards ceremonies, field days, and whatever else they can squeeze in. This year, we added in my week-to-week single parenting, and planning the Biggest Vacation of Ever for our family. We surprised the kids with a trip to Disney World at the end of May, so in addition to all of the above, I had a little trip-of-a-lifetime to throw together on my own.

I was a teensy-weensy bit of basket there at the end. Our week in Orlando was completely worth it, but nothing could have prepared me for the aftermath, which I already blogged about in Wallowing. A never-ending stomach virus, and now my hubby is back home, but working seven days a week. As a wife and Household CEO, you take on everyone’s emotional baggage, and we hit Motherload on this one. What suffered?

Me. Working out. Diet. My eating actually is not terrible, what has happened is the structure was thrown out the window, so while I am still eating fairly healthful foods, I am not eating near enough food! My workouts are sporadic at best, I am not sleeping as well, and all the supplements in the world cannot out-power an under-fueled diet. It is safe to say that all the muscle gains I made in the months of March and April were lost in the months of May and June.

So. Here we are. It is July, the second half of 2013. Rather than chuck it all out the window, let us regroup! Here are the goals I wrote out for my 2013 back in January, and where I am today:

  • Reach 2500 followers on Facebook and Twitter each, with 250 daily readers. (Uh. No. Not sure these numbers are as important for me, but I definitely would love to see four digits for each.)
  • Post meaningful content at least three times a week. (Uh. OK. Was doing good for awhile there, but lost the habit. Let’s refocus.)
  • Add 1-2 other writers/contributors with their unique take on being a FitMomma or FitDaddy. (Hmmm..No. This is still something I would like to see, however.)
  • Offer a promotional item or product at least six times (once every two months) for my readers. (No, and I’m OK with that. Not sure if I’m still interested in that.)
  • Establish a greater presence on Instagram and Pinterest. (Without a doubt on Instagram. Not so much on Pinterest. I’m OK with this one nonetheless.)
  • Redesign I need to do this. It is outdated and no longer encompasses all it should. 

Personal Health & Wellness

  • Make AdvoCare Advisor level, and build a small business that pays for my family’s use of products. (We made Advisor in two weeks (!), get a 40% discount, and definitely earn enough to cover our family’s use, and to pay for some of the other goals.)
  • Get certified in group fitness instruction and teach 1-2 classes at one of the local gyms. (Never say never on this one, but this is no longer a goal for this year.)
  • By Fall, get my Yoga instruction certification and possibly Personal Training certification as well. (The Personal Training will happen – Apex weekend in September!)
  • Fully run a 5K by mid-year and attempt a 10K by the Fall. (This focus has changed as well. Had to come to grips – I am not a runner.)
  • Add 5-10 pounds of lean muscle. (Did Not Happen. But that is now the focus of the 2nd half of the year.)
  • Spend 10-15  minutes each morning meditating, reading the Bible, centering myself and listening to God. (Oh, I was good earlier this year…needless to say, I let it falter when life faltered. Refocusing. Does a body good!)
  • Take at least 15 minutes each day to write. (Not even close. Still important to me.)
  • Train for a Fitness Competition. (“TeeHeeHee!,” she says in a nervous laugh.) It will be next year before I am ready, and I still need to go see a few shows myself to make the final decision. But hubby is on board, and I have a physique in sight! At a minimum, I need the physique of a Certified Personal Trainer, no?
  • Truly define Our Purpose. We have a lot of great goals, but are still struggling to completely and fully define our purpose as a couple and as individuals. Thank you to AdvoCare for encouraging and aiding this process!)

Business & Volunteering

  • Apply what I have learned about social media marketing to non-profits and small businesses. Take on 2-3 clients to do their SMM for them. (Completely took this out of the picture. This is one aspect I am  letting go, as it does not fit in with FitMommas as a whole.)
  • Educate myself on PPC (pay-per-click) and SEM (search engine marketing) and apply what I learn to FitMommas and my clients. (Again, not focusing on this at all this year. Moved off the priority list.)
  • Continue volunteering for the two non-profits that I am active in, but likely not take on new duties. (We really enjoy the volunteer work we do, yet I had not planned on doing any more. Our school district, however, just announced some big changes, and I would guess that the teachers could use some extra help around the classroom. I plan on increasing my time at school to help where needed.)
  • Pin Silver in AdvoCare. This is the first step in Leadership for our business, and would mean an average of an extra $1000 per month. It also means helping one other family build a business for themselves. We have to get intentional every day to get there, but the improvement I have seen in our life and in the lives of those we have shared AdvoCare with has shown that this is worth our Intention!

House and Home Life

  • Pay off the debt accrued from our major home remodel last year and once again be debt-free. (We are indeed debt-free once again!)
  • Before we start another Big project, complete the very long list of small projects we have. (Just starting this now, since hubby out of commission for most of this year.)
  • By Fall, start plans on a kitchen remodel and new flooring on our main level. (This will probably move to next year.)
  • Get dinner on the table by 5:45 most nights. (Oh, boy, we have not made progress on this one. At. All!)
  • Fill our home with items we love, not just things to fill spaces. (We have not bought anything for the house! But we have been clearing a lot Stuff out, so the idea is in practice, just in a different way!)
  • Rebuild the coffers. Being debt-free is an amazing feeling, but we are not prepared for a hardship at this moment.

Personal Relationships

  • Continue my 26 Acts of Kindness, actively reaching out and affecting strangers each month. (Yes and No. Not in the way I intended, and certainly not often enough.)
  • Write more letters, less emails. (Ooh. No. Not at all. This is still important though!)
  • Take a real vacation with just my husband for our 10 year anniversary. (Well, we took a real vacation! With the whole family to Disney, not quite what we intended!)
  • Encourage hubby to learn glass blowing. (This has not been the year for my hubby to branch out!)
  • Make Couples Night happen at least once every two months. (Not Even Close. A good thing to focus on for the Fall.)
  • Make Date Night happen at least twice a month. (We have no been terrible about this, but not great either. Very important, though.)
  • Make Family Night/Day happen at least once a month. (This has been OK! We have done better than in the past, but could still improve.)
  • Plan at least one neighbor party. (Forgot about this one! There is still time…)
  • Read 24 books – two per month. (I should have considered that I would be reading the A Song of Fire and Ice series. Each book is like 2-3 books each! So I am way behind on numbers, but am actually reading more than last year. And thanks to AdvoCare, I have read a lot more non-fiction!)

Okie dokie, so while on one hand, this year has not gone where I intended, it is definitely moving forward in a positive way! Putting these goals and items down in writing proved to be a huge benefit. Yes, some of them fell off the radar as soon as I put them down on paper, but others stood out and in the forefront by the simple act of Commitment. I am definitely looking forward to seeing where the second half of 2013 takes us.

What is on your docket for the next six months? I strongly encourage everyone to put some simple goals down on paper. And rather than put this paper away (as I kind of did with this post!), keep that list of goals out for you to see each day. On each day, do something that will get you closer to where you want to be, and you will find that you get there!
And on that note, this list of goals is getting printed and posted in our new office!

If you could have anything that you want, regardless of financial cost, what would it be?
And what would you need to do to get there? Dream big, my friends! We were not put in this office to slug through cubicle life, and watch happiness pass us by!


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