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Back from Texas…Watch Out! :)

August 15, 2013

I posted this on my Facebook page earlier, but am sharing here:

Okay, serious confession time.

First off, hubby and I ran out of our healthy food much sooner than expected and never made it to a store to restock. (BTW, the Texas heat trumps ice packs in coolers every time.) So we were at the mercy of whatever was available.

Wow. It’s taking a few days to get our systems Back To Normal! It is NOT a treat to splurge when splurging makes you feel this terrible!
“Amy, you should indulge a little! Quit depriving yourself.”
I’m not depriving myself of anything but feeling like a giant bag of Poo!

Second – working out. The fitness bands came out twice. A couple sets of pushups. I did get some swimming in, because Dallas in August is like the surface of the sun, and the two family members we visited had pools! But lots of Sitting and not much Moving.

How do people live like this every day?
Oh wait, I Used to Live Like That Every Day!

Break the mold, people, don’t be Normal! You Will Be STUNNED when you stop eating crap and start moving your body – you will Feel GREAT!

Clean your system, pour in awesome Nutrition, Fill in the Gaps. Share with your Heart, be Authentic, and give Love! Whew!
OK, so back to the regularly scheduled program. And watch out. Because Advocare doesn’t just give ya a little product training and a little HooHa RaRa session. *They Fill You Up.* Dig Deep – who do you want to be? What is the Vision for your Life and your Family? What is your Passion – a goal and a desire so strong, it brings you to tears?

This ain’t just about gettin’ Skinny. Or Strong.
This is about becoming the Complete Fulfillment of what God Created in YOU! 
You with me? Big HUGS to ya’ll out there! 

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